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Angel Legion - Experience the Battles in the Vast Ocean of Stars

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Angel Legion On Pc

Angel Legion: 3D Hero Idle RPG

Developer: Xingfei company

Category: Role playing


Battles let you explore the mysteries of each place, especially when you’re in the galaxy. But you can elevate that thrill with other players while playing Angel Legion: 3D Hero Idle RPG. This tactical RPG lets you uncover age-old mysteries with your Angel Squad. With HD graphics and other features to enjoy, you will witness a setting you will surely enjoy.

Unveil the Ancient Mysteries of Galaxy in Angel Legion

Published by Xingfei Company, Angel Legion lets you unveil the ancient mysteries of the galaxy. It’s a game where you can indulge yourself with impressive idle RPG features you rarely see in other games. But there’s more about the story you can explore as you enter its fascinating gameplay. You embark on an intergalactic journey, experiencing snippets of angels’ daily lives. You can participate in an international adventure while leading your Angel squad to unravel the long-buried secrets of the cosmos.

More interestingly, the stunning scenery and challenging gameplay in Angel Legion are among its most alluring features. As you advance through each stage, magnificent 3D dynamic scenes become available in the game. To fully immerse yourself in the gaming experience, you will feel as though you are swimming in a vast ocean of stars. Angel Legion also lets you customize your waifu by giving her a hundred different outfits to wear. Also, you can change the faces of your heroes and distribute gorgeous attire to all of your angels.

Create Your Heroes of Formidable Angel Squad

Angel Legion offers you idle RPG features anywhere and play whenever you want. When you’re not playing, the angel squad will battle for you automatically. You will receive a lot of treasures if you just wait and unwind. It lets you take on other gameplay priorities like crafting tactics to smoothen the gameplay. As the game starts, you will witness Miya, a hero who hides fascinating secrets you should unveil. With her, you will embark on solving various mysteries by raising an army.

With nearly a hundred potent heroes at your disposal, you may create a formidable Angel Squad. You can also manufacture your ideal gear, and unleash potent skills to distinguish yourself in the Star Alliance. The Angel Legion’s growing trick and shifting strategy ups the ante on the game’s excitement and difficulties. You also have access to an infinite universe in Angel Legion: 3D Hero Idle RPG. You can not only travel the huge world, but you can also go on expeditions and take part in battles. Enjoy a variety of gameplays while unearthing wonderful treasures.

Angel Legion Game Features You Shouldn’t Miss

  • Explore the depths of the galaxy to fight against other heroes
  • Witness an impressive design of brave angel squads
  • Probably the best idle RPG to play on your PC
  • Your squad will still fight for you even if you’re away
  • Feel the immersive vibe of being in the vast ocean of stars
  • Receive a lot of treasures if you just wait and unwind
  • Over a hundred heroes at your disposal

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