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Baby Panda Earthquake Safety 2 - Do Essential Earthquake Safety Tips

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Earthquake Safety Free Full Version

Baby Panda Earthquake Safety 2

Developer: BabyBus

Category: Casual, Educational


Get ready to learn about earthquake safety with Baby Panda Earthquake Safety 2 by BabyBus! In this fun and practical game, you’ll be set with little panda earthquake safety tips. Together, you’ll build evacuation facilities, find a safe shelter, extinguish a fire, purify contaminated water, and more!

Baby Panda Earthquake Safety 2 – What To Do During Disasters

As earthquakes can be very dangerous, it’s important to know what to do in case of a natural disaster. In Baby Panda Earthquake, you will learn about safety tips for kids with baby panda earthquakes. You’ll discover which places can be safe shelters, such as parks, gyms, plazas, and hospitals.

Once you’ve learned the basics of the Baby Panda Earthquake, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test! You’ll need to apply safety advice to find a safe shelter, construct evacuation facilities, sanitize tainted water, put out a fire, and other things! You will learn the skills necessary for an emergency evacuation by doing this.

An Exciting Emergency Evacuation Game

In this game, you’ll experience real themes that are both fun and educational. You’ll organize emergency supplies, distribute supplies to needy people, build an emergency medical treatment center for animals injured in an earthquake, and more. In addition, you’ll use the air pump into the tent inlet to blow air inside in order to put up the tent. You’ll also unscrew a manhole and set up an emergency toilet.

Additionally, you’ll know the necessary things to do in the case of a natural disaster. You’ll locate the nearest emergency shelter by following the sign, present your ID and register when you get there, keep track of the distinctive physical characteristics of your family members and their cell phone numbers, avoid consuming any tainted food or water, and so on.

Baby Panda Earthquake Safety 2 is an entertaining and helpful game that teaches you how to safely leave a dangerous area, recognize the warning signals of an emergency evacuation, repair disaster-affected places, and more. You’ll have a blast while learning crucial earthquake safety recommendations for kids, like easy-to-use activities, appealing images, and engaging themes!

Awesome Little Panda Earthquake Safety Features

  • Learn earthquake safety tips for kids with Baby Panda Earthquake
  • Find a safe shelter, build evacuation facilities, purify water, and more
  • Experience real themes and practical games
  • Learn what to do in a natural disaster, including finding shelters and avoiding contaminated food and water
  • Different fun and simple games for kids
  • Neat scenes and real themes to experience

Get ready to learn important earthquake safety tips with Baby Panda Earthquake Safety 2! Play the game on your PC now and experience fun and practical emergency evacuation games for kids.

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