The 5 Best Hyper-Casual Games Available For PC

Posted on August 14, 2021
5 Best Hyper Casual Games PC

When it comes to playing video games, not everyone prefers complex, challenging, and competitive games that are popular right now. Many people prefer games that are simple, easy to play and even have minimalistic interphase. These are basically games that we call hyper-casual. They don’t require a steep learning curve or a long tutorial. They also don’t need hours of gameplay for you to progress.

You can usually complete a game in about 10 minutes with its simple and easy-to-learn gameplay. Hyper-casual games are also mostly available for free. These games are growing in popularity since they provide people with a short escape. There’s no need to spend hours playing and grinding it. Players don’t also have to play it constantly. They can play it for a while, put it down and don’t mind it for a week, and then come back and their progress is still there. Since these types of games are now popular, there are also many of them out there. To help you decide which one is the best to play, this blog post will list down 5 of the best hyper-casual games available right now.

Crossy Road

One of the best hyper-casual games that you can play is Crossy Road. It’s a simple game where you get to help the chicken cross rivers, roads, train tracks, and so on. It’s like an endless runner game, except your character here won’t be moving forward.

Crossy Road screenshot

Your goal is to travel as far as possible. But to do that, you’ll have to overcome various obstacles. There’s the road, where cars are passing by constantly. There’s also a river that has moving logs to help you get across. And of course, there are the train tracks where fast trains will pass by occasionally. You can hop right, left, back, or forward. It’s a simple and fun game that won’t require a lot of your time to play.

Helix Jump

Another great game to play is Helix Jump, a casual action game. In this game, your goal is to just get the bouncing ball to the bottom of the pillar. To do that, you rotate the pillar, letting the bouncing ball pass by the gaps. But be careful in letting the ball touch a different colored platform or obstacle, as it will result in a game over. The game has power boosts to help you drop down faster and be immune to the untouchable panels. So, take advantage of that when you play.

Helix Jump Play




If you’re looking for a hyper-casual adventure game, then you should try Skyward by Ketchapp. It’s a game where your goal is to travel skyward through the platform, using rotating discs. When you attach a disk to a platform, there’s going to be another disc rotating around it. Make sure you attach it to another platform to move. The gameplay is very simple and easy to learn. But it’s also very challenging to play. But once you get the hang of it, it’s going to be easier to play the game. It’s a minimalistic game with simple, short, but challenging gameplay.

Skyward screenshot


Color Road

Color Road is another hyper-casual game that’s very fun to play. It’s like an endless runner game, except this time, you’re using a rolling ball. The goal is to travel as far as possible while avoiding obstacles along the way. The most common obstacle you’ll encounter will be 3 balls blocking your path. To pass that, you just need to hit the same colored ball as the one you’re using. The color of your ball will change throughout the course of the game. Make sure you pay attention and hit the correct ball.

Color Road play


Brick Breaker Mission

Last, but certainly not the least, is Brick Breaker Mission. It’s a simple arcade game where your goal is to just break all of the bricks on the level. Each brick will have a number on them, which represents the number of times it should be hit. You will need to break all the bricks before it reaches the ground.

The bricks drop down 1 spot whenever all your balls go back to the ground. This means you need to prioritize bricks at the bottom. The balls you’re using can be increased. You just need to hit the balls you see on the level to increase your number, thus making it easier to break all the bricks.

Bricks Breaker mission screenshot


Final Thoughts

There are many more fun hyper-casual games that you can play out there. People are always looking for these types of games since playing them can help you relax and unwind. If you’re unsure which hyper-casual games are fun to play, then you can start with this list. The games provided here are some of the best hyper-casual games available right now.

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