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Reach the Endless Sky in Skyward: A Fun Adventure Game on PC

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Developer: Ketchapp

Category: Arcade


Are you looking for a great adventure that will lead you to the sky? Reach the high heavens and explore the vast upper regions. Your wonderful journey to knock on the doors of the azure begins with a single step. Take on the challenge and see if you have what it takes to go Skyward.

Experience the magical quest as you push through the dynamic Escher-style labyrinths. Aim to reach the ultimate destination of your inner peace in this fantastic game. The journey to the endless beyond begins in Skyward.

This amazing game will test your patience and push your reflexes to your threshold. And with its new dark, hardcore game mode, this fantastic brain challenge will have you thinking of ways to achieve your goal. Skyward is both a logic puzzle and a game that requires fast-twitch reactions. Do not let the pastel colors and the cute Escher-like aesthetics fool you. It is as challenging as it is visually impressive. Challenge yourself and aim to reach your inner peace in Skyward.

Begin Your Journey To The Peaceful Sky

If you enjoy a minimalistic arcade game that features straightforward gameplay yet offers a hellishly difficult challenge, then you will love this absolutely beautiful game. From the developer of Threes! comes a relaxing brain challenge that can give you a Zen-like experience with its logic puzzles.

Skyward is a fantastic game from Ketchapp Games. While it looks cute with its impressive graphics, do not be fooled. You will be in for a very challenging puzzle game. The Escher-like visuals and exciting pastel colors are just mere distractions for what you are about to encounter in this game.

A Minimalistic Yet Breathtaking Game

This game is truly minimalistic at its core; from the gameplay to the visuals. It’s also quite challenging to play.

Here, you will see two tiny dots; one dot will be circling another dot. Your goal is to make sure that the revolving dot lands on a spot on the Escher-like structure. Once it lands on a spot, the other dot becomes the new circling dot. Your goal will be to land that it again, then transforming the other dot into a circling one.

But because it is a circling dot, you will need to get it right when clicking on the screen. Do it at the exact moment so it lands on the structure. Once you click it, this circling dot will land on that particular spot that it is hovering. If you get it right, the dot will get stuck on the surface and a new one will circle it.

Your objective is to climb up the structure, touching on one spot at a time until you reach the top. It is a hard task that lets you in on beautiful settings and gorgeous architecture. It has an aesthetic feel that is similar to games like Monument Valley.

So if you enjoy logic puzzle challenges with startling graphics and awesome gameplay, then you will love Skyward. It has impressive visuals and difficult tasks, making it a very addictive game.

Skyward PC Game Features

  • Manipulate and traverse through gorgeous architecture.
  • Experience a surreal a magnificent world.
  • Witness impossible geometry and fantastical structures.
  • Spell-binding optical illusion.
  • Minimalist 3D design.
  • Surreal soundscape.

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