Arknights – Top 5 of the Best Specialists In 2021

Posted on October 29, 2021
Arknights Top 5 Best Specialist In 2021

Arknights is one of the best tower defense games that you can get in the freemium market. Yostar’s concoction of tactical warfare and waifus has evolved into a worldwide sensation followed by millions of players across the globe. With that said, if you are new to the game or a casual player looking for some tips pertaining to operators and the game as a whole, then this article may interest you. This is because we scoured the massive Arknights community for the best specialists in the game.

What Are Specialists?

A specialist is an operator class in Arknights that are equipped with unique attributes. Compared to other operators, the efficacy of Specialist skills are not consistent and are focused primarily on a specific function. For this reason, Specialists are not recommended as core operators, since they are designed to function as support. The specialist class features eight subclasses that highlight the abilities of each one. They are the following:

  • Push Specialists

    The abilities of these operators specialize in shoving the enemies into holes and other hazards for environmental kills. Operators that fall under this subclass include FEater, Shaw, and Weedy. In addition, Push Specialists can be deployed in ranged and melee tiles.

  • Pull Specialists

    In contrast with the first subclass, Pull Specialists are exactly what their title indicates. Just like the first subclass, these operators are great for environmental kills. In addition, they can attack both ground and air units. The operators that fall under this subclass include Cliffheart, Gladiia, Rope, and Snowsant.

  • Executioner Specialist

    Executioners are specialists that come with reduced redeployment cooldowns. This subclass is best used for distracting opponents, intercepting enemies, and taking down priority targets. Furthermore, the Executioner subclass is made up of Gravel, Kaftka, Phantom, Projekt Red, THRM-EX, and Waai Fu.

  • Peddler Specialist

    Similar to the Executioner, the Peddler Specialist also comes with a reduced redeployment cooldown. However, the deployment of this specialist also depletes DP. In addition, Peddler Specialists are recalled immediately if the player has insufficient DP. Operators that fall under this subclass include Jaye and Mr. Nothing.

  • Marionette Specialist

    Marionette Specialists are damage absorbers that work through a substitution method. This subclass is highly recommended as enemy distractions. As of the latest update, Bena is the only operator that falls under this subclass.


Arknights Specialist Feater

Image Source: Arknights Wiki


  • Stalker Specialist

    Formerly known as the Controller Specialists, Stalkers specialize in attacking enemies within range. These specialists are not commonly engaged by enemies as they can dodge arts and physical-based attacks. However, stalkers are highly recommended for crowd control. The operators that fall under this subclass include Ethan, Kirara, Manticore, and Mizuki.

  • Trapper Specialist

    As implied by the name of the subclass, Trappers employ the use of traps during battles. These attributes make the operators in the subclass function as ranged units. The operators under Trapper include Frost and Robin.

  • Oddball Specialist

    Oddball Specialists are unique operators that come with a decreasing HP. The operator on this list can also inflict damage on allies. Oddballs are ranged units with attributes similar to Trappers. As of the latest update, Aak is the only operator that falls under this subclass.

Top 5 Specialists in Arknights

Now, let’s proceed with the best specialists in the game this 2021.


Aak is a Tier S specialist under the oddball subclass. This operator is a well-known underground doctor with clinical expertise. Aak’s first skill called Rapid Fire provides a +30 ASPD boost. His second skill called Type-γ Stimpack immediately attacks an ally 15 times and applies a +30 boost to both HP and DEF afterward. His third skill called Durian-Flavored Stimpack also attacks nearby allies 15 times boosting their ATK by 25% and ASPD by 25.

Phantom – Executioner

Phantom is a Tier S Executioner Specialist with a shady history. This specialist boasts extraordinary combat abilities that can make or break a battle. The first skill of this operator called Phantom of the Night provides a physical damage shield for 10 seconds along with a 20% Physical dodge boost. His second skill, called Bloody Opus, provides seven stacking charges each equal to a 10% attack buff upon deployment. His third skill called Night Raid deals 180% damage to nearby enemies inflicting them with either slow, bind, or stun upon deployment in level 1.

Arknights Executor


Project Red – Executioner

Project Red is a top-tier Executioner Specialist with an unknown background. Her first skill, called Execution Mode, grants her an additional 35% ATK and 20% Dodge against Physical and Arts attacks at level 1. Her second skill called Wolfpack deals 140% physical damage and one second Stun to all surrounding enemies also at level 1.

Weedy – Push Specialist

Born into a family of scientists, Weedy is a Rhodes Island researcher and expert in bioengineering. As a Push Specialist, Weedy is great at providing long-ranged support to allies. Her first skill, called Barrel Burst, shoves enemies away dealing 105% physical damage while stunning them in the process. She also comes with a skill called Hydraulics Mode that increases attack intervals. On top of those two is the Liquid Nitrogen Cannon that inflicts true and art damage.

Cliffheart – Pull Specialist

Cliffheart is a Rhodes Island Pull Specialist who’s an expert in every tool for climbing cliffs or mountains. This specialist falls under the A-Tier making her one of the best operators in the Specialist class. Cliffheart’s skills include Chain Hook that applies Arts damage to the enemy. Her other skill, called Binding Chains, pulls two enemies inflicting both with 130% true damage and stunning them in the process.

Play Arknights on PC

Now that you have an overview of the best specialists in the game, your next mission is to experience this epic game on PC. Just go to this page and you can download Arknights for free!

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