State of Survival Best Hero Combination

Posted on March 9, 2022
State Of Survival Hero Combination

Since KingsGroup Holdings released the top-grossing strategy game, State of Survival, many players around the world became extremely hooked with its incredible sole gameplay perspective and engaging features. So, if you haven’t had the chance to play this game yet, this is the perfect time to do it! You can choose the State of Survival best hero combination right here to help you in every mission.

State of Survival is an engrossing mix between real-time action RPG and a conventional war game that depicts base-building and warfare perspectives. On the other hand, you will also experience loads of RPG action, especially on taking the Explorer Trails mission, where you need to deploy heroes against hordes of undead.

The State of Survival Best Hero Combination

Like other games, SOS also offers a wide range of characters that you can use on various game modes. There are two main game modes; the explorer trail and the war aspect. Usually, you utilize more heroes on the former mode as you will deploy them to explore different levels. These characters vary in size and shape. They also execute unique skills and combat techniques. Some are renowned for being offensive, while others are known for being defensive and tactical. With the different varieties of heroes, you can explore the State of Survival in different ways and accomplish even the most complicated levels.

State Of Survival Gameplay


How to Unlock & Upgrade State of Survival Best Hero Combination?

Before we jump into the main point of this blog, we need first to determine how to unlock such heroes in the game. In SOS, the usual method on how to achieve heroes is through the gacha summoning system. Another way to unlock a hero is by collecting fragments from the Hero Search option. Once you hit the required fragments, you can unlock your chosen characters. Of course, grinding for the fragments will not be easy as you need to do a lot of exploration, and the fragments are randomly awarded.

On the other hand, ranking up your heroes is typically the same as the usual games, but the difference is you need to present Hero Fragments and Hero Badges. To accurately know the necessary materials to upgrade your hero, you can navigate the (i) button, and from there, you will see the requirements you need. Also, take note that epic heroes or those with purple backgrounds need Epic Hero Badges. At the same time, those with legendary heroes must have Legendary Hero Badges.


State of Survival Best Hero Combination – For Every Game Mode

Though there is a massive roster of heroes available, it doesn’t mean that you need to focus on all of them. It’s better to focus on a couple of heroes that can efficiently work on various games modes. Here are the highly recommended heroes you can use in each game mode;

Explorer Trail

If you are opting for loads of resources and EXP, it is best to immerse hunting the Explorer Trail. Your stamina is at stake in this game, so you better choose the right hero and aim for more victories than losses. So, under this game mode, it’s best to deploy “Travis”. This hero is renowned for being one of the best heroes in the game. He has the ability to reduce the consumption of stamina while uplifting the damage against the infected. If Travis is not yet available, you can alternatively use Tony, Sarge, Nikola, and Jane.

State Of Survival Explorer Trail



Rallying is a kind of game mode where you will need to re-assemble with allies and attack opponents together. You can only do this game mode once you’ve joined an Alliance in the game. Before getting immersed in this kind of game mode, you need to ensure that your heroes are already upgraded. Moreover, the key stats you need to focus on to develop the right heroes in this game mode are defense, critical, attack, and more. Under this game mode, it is a clever decision to deploy Maddie and Frank not just because Frank is the best hero but also because the troop attack they give is immensely good.

Another fantastic legendary unit you can deploy is Jeb, and this hero is renowned for giving troops damage. Alternatively, you can deploy other extraordinary heroes like Lucky, Zoe, Miho, Nikola, Wolfe, and Jarrett.


Another solo-battling game mode you must opt for the perfect State of Survival Best Hero Combination is PvP. Under this mode, your hero will handle everything, and there will be no allies that can support you. So, it is highly recommended to look for heroes with excellent sieging power enough to beat opponents. When it comes to the character, you must deploy Ray and Roles. These heroes are known to show superb combos and troop attacks, especially on PvPs. You can also try Jeb and Trish alternatively. Miho, Eva, and Lucky are also good units suitable for PvP games.


Garrison is a kind of game mode where heroes defend their base, which is why it’s more effective to opt for heroes who excel in Patrol traits. To release heroes for garrisoning, you just need to click on the barricade of the base and choose “Settlement Defense”. From that option, you can choose the heroes you wish to guard your base. And when it comes to the hero to deploy for Garrison, you should choose Nikola. This hero has an excellent buff for the defense of the towers and excels in almost everything. Other units you can deploy for Garrison are Zach, Zoe, Maddie and Frank, Ray and Rolex, Trish, Wolfe, Ash, and Ernie.

State Of Survival Nikola


Collecting Resources

If there are heroes that are good for Explorer Trails, Warfare, PvP, and Garrison, there are also heroes who are good at acquiring resources that are significantly vital to the game. You can count on Mike for food, and for metal, you can use Rusty. Additionally, you can deploy Chef to get some wood though his name says he must be in charge of food. Lastly, for gas resources, you can opt with Ghost. These four units stated are best deployed in searching for resources.

State Of Survival Rusty

So, there you have it! Now that you already know the State of Survival best hero combinations, let’s hope you can step up on the game and opt for more suitable heroes in every specific game mode. It is crucial that you get to know your enemies first, and from there, you can come up with the best heroes perfect for taking down your opponent. For more information and updates to this exciting strategy game, stick around here at EmulatorPC.

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