Toy Blast: Fun Puzzle Game on PC for Free

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Toy Blast

Developer: Peak

Category: Puzzle

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Version 8486

If you need a feel-good game to pass the time, Toy Blast is a great suggestion. It will test your brain when it comes to puzzles. Journey to many puzzles to solve every day and make sure to join in the new events! Plus, you can freely go through the Legends Area, wherein you challenge other players. With that, you can say that this play is an exciting game with loads of features to capture! Play this game with friends and other players online. If you want to check it out, download this now on your PC today!

When you play the game, there are no complicated instructions to deal with. It simply is a puzzle in which you need to match all same-coloured cubes. But what’s more exciting is that the game has a backstory. From this point, you need to help Amy collect toys by matching two or more cubes having the same colour. As you clear each level, Amy will be able to get her toys back.

How To Play Toy Blast

In terms of playing the game itself, Toy Blast uses coins as its in-game currency. To earn more, you may connect to your Facebook account to get 25 coins for free. It’s one of the best and convenient features in the game where you got to collect free coins!

What’s more, connecting your game to this social media page will allow you to ask lives from friends. So, if you want to level up fast, connecting your account to Facebook will help you a lot in the process. Never think twice about doing this to earn some coins or points as well!

As you play the game, it is better to create combos to clear the board fast. Remember that using two tiles next to another one will create a combo. This move will also give you a chance at being on the three-star level. There are also unique tiles that explode when the level is done. So if you have completed a level, don’t worry as these unique tiles will explode and give you three stars.

Lastly, Toy Blast has lots of surprises in the form of events and prizes. You can join events every day such as Crown Rush, Treasure Hunt, Star Tournament and more. To try your luck, spin the wheel once you log in to the game every day. And don’t forget to look over the cute characters and toys to accompany you on the adventure. Beat your friend’s score once you reach the scoreboards online.

Main Game Features

  • Simple gameplay that is entertaining and unique
  • Colorful cubes soothing to the eyes!
  • Over 4500 puzzles to play
  • Join fun events every day and earn more points
  • Play the spin wheel and win daily prizes

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