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Hidden Object: Coastal Hill – A Challenging Puzzle-Adventure Game

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Hidden Object On Pc

Hidden Object: Coastal Hill

Developer: AdoreStudio Limited

Category: Adventure


Step into the realm of Hidden Object: Coastal Hill to begin your unique adventure. This is a hidden-object mystery adventure that goes beyond the existing logic puzzle video games. Are you up for the challenge of cracking the city’s mystery? As you explore beautiful settings in search of hidden objects, you’ll also play puzzles that are exclusive to the genre. Decipher riddles, complete thrilling quests, rebuild an old haunted house, and create your personalized avatar!

A Mysterious Adventure!

Imagine yourself to be a well-known interior designer. Now, you will embark on a journey in the peaceful place of Coastal Hill. Players will have no idea how they arrived in this hidden city. Nevertheless, they will find that the landscapes are familiar. They must tackle mind-bending hidden mystery riddles, and logic puzzles, and socialize with personalities to unearth secrets and uncover the local mystery.

There are a lot of hidden artifacts to discover in various areas. More than 12 unique game modes with questions players must answer. Choose the magnifying feature on photographs to make spotting things easier. The further you play, the more challenging the game becomes due to the enhanced stealth and camouflage the object has. Each figure also possesses an interesting personality filled with sinister secrets. So, you should utilize your intellect and resolve the mystery before it’s too late. Experience hours of enigmatic gameplay and an exciting adventure storyline full of surprises.

Become a Home Designer & a Detective!

Your first task in this hidden-object game is to create an original character complete with a name, appearance, and fantastic qualities. Then you can begin the adventure by finding secrets or items that have been hidden in other realities. Those items might be concealed in a lovely image.

Next, consider how you may make the house more to your taste. The spooky mansion must be renovated. This house will serve as an ideal sanctuary for you to constitute the process of uncovering concealed objects more quickly. The reason is that as you progress to higher levels, you must secure a shelter for yourself. You can put together a group of your dependable and courageous buddies. Together, explore dangerous areas knowing that help is just around the corner. There are other settings in which you can compete against numerous opponents.

Solve the Mystery With the Help of These Features

  • Hidden-object game with house renovation gameplay
  • Be a home designer and renovate an old house
  • Create your avatar and your friends as well
  • Play and team up with your friends
  • Explore an immersive narrative of the Coastal Hill
  • Magnify the image to find cleverly concealed objects

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