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Lost Lands 1 - Your Exciting Adventure Solving Hidden Object Puzzles

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Lost Lands 1 On Pc

Lost Lands 1

Developer: FIVE-BN GAMES

Category: Adventure


An evil monster forcibly carried Susan’s son into a strange world. Can you lend a helping hand and help Susan search for her son? If yes, play Lost Lands 1 on your PC now! In this adventure game, you’ll take the role of Susan, and you need to find your son in the mysterious fantasy world of Lost Land.

Published by FIVE-BN GAMES, Lost Lands 1 is the first sequel of the Lost Lands series. So if you wish to understand the succeeding games better, it’s highly recommended to start your journey with this one. Though the adventure game doesn’t feature an in-depth story, you’ll surely be amazed by the game’s other aspects, such as the stunning locations you’ll encounter and the fairytale-inspired characters.

Lost Lands 1 – Susan’s Journey in Finding Jimmy

As mentioned above, in Lost Lands 1, you’ll take the role of Susan, and your main goal is to find ways to get back your son, Jimmy. To start your search, you need to explore each location in the Lost Lands. But, your journey won’t be easy. You need to surpass loads of puzzles and hidden object scenes. Furthermore, you’ll meet mysterious people who may be your friend or enemy.

In Lost Lands 1, the hidden-object scenes are classified into three types; finding particular objects corresponding to the given silhouette, placing the object at the correct location, and the traditional way of playing hidden-object puzzles. Moreover, take note that these puzzles come with three difficulties and a customized mode.

Exploring the Beautiful Locations of Lost Lands 1

Aside from the hidden-objects quests, you’ll get a chance to explore 50 fantastic locations and opt for the bonus chapter where you can traverse the magical underwater world. Moreover, there are some cutscenes that can help you understand the game. These cutscenes offer stunning animations and even voiceovers. So if you’re a type of player that prefer playing games with awesome animations and effects, this game is for you.

Additionally, there are more than 40 various fun and challenging mini-games you’ll need to surpass. Aside from that, there are bonus jigsaw puzzles you can try solving. If you’re fond of solving puzzles, then you must not miss playing Lost Lands 1.

Breathtaking Adventure Game Features to Explore

  • A fun yet challenging puzzle adventure game
  • Take the role of Susan and find your son Jimmy
  • Traverson on various 50 locations of Lost Lands
  • Immerse yourself in various hidden-object puzzles
  • Play 40 exciting mini-games and jigsaw puzzle
  • Excellent animations, graphics, and voiceovers

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