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Ice Scream 2 - The Evil Villain Rod Comes Back to the Neighborhood

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Ice Scream 2 On Pc

Ice Scream 2

Developer: Keplerians Horror Games

Category: Action


In the first-person horror game Ice Scream 2, you take on the role of Charlie, a young child who must once more battle the villainous Rod Sullivan. This time, it’s up to you to save your friend Lis and your neighbor who has been abducted by the evil villain named Rod. Your goal will be to investigate this evil villain while hiding inside his van. You will achieve this by moving through various scenarios and clearing the required puzzles to free the immobilized youngster.

Explore A Chilling Horror Game Experience in Ice Scream 2

Ice Scream 2 presents players with a ton of mysteries and puzzles in a gloomy and scary environment. The goal is to go through the scenarios to learn Rod Sullivan’s enigmatic scheme and save the player’s friend. This must be accomplished without being discovered by the evil ice-cream man. You will need to use all of your patience and skill to trick the evil villain. The best part is that this horror game shies away from bloody scenarios.

Ice Scream 2’s accessibility is among its best features. Even though you begin each level in your room, you can still travel to a variety of locations through the ice-cream truck. You can visit multiple locations like the circus, the theater, and the graveyard. Be prepared; there are challenges and issues unique to each site. Ice Scream 2 is a fantastic sequel with outstanding graphics, accurate gameplay, and a wonderfully terrifying atmosphere. Not to mention that it features a multitude of puzzles, settings, and surprises.

Face & Beat the Spooky Evil Villain Named Rod

Ice Scream 2’s gameplay is really simple. You can move more quietly by clicking the button for crouching. The simulated D-pad for movement is located in the left corner of the screen. While a button for engaging with elements in the story is situated in the right corner of the screen. You can enter doors and closets as usual. You can also conceal yourself in specific locations, and of course, grab a myriad of useful items.

Ice Scream 2 will immerse you in the thrilling activity of hide-and-seek as you try to avoid the evil villain. Make sure you are well hidden so he can’t see you when he passes by. Avoid making any loud noises because Rod will listen to all unusual noises. He will be able to identify you if you don’t manage to stay inconspicuous. As a result, it’s critical to utilize your cunning and patience in avoiding him while also tricking him into approaching you.

Experience These Features When You Download Ice Scream 2

  • Try ghost mode to conceal your location
  • Solve puzzles and mysteries
  • Experience survival horror without a bloody scenario
  • Challenge yourself to various game modes
  • Play through a highly immersive story

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