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Idol Party Game - Join the Song & Dance Parties with Trendy Songs

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Idol Party Free Full Version

Idol Party

Developer: X.P. Games

Category: Music

★★ 3.6

Have you ever idolized the big names in music and wanted to experience singing and dancing to their music? That is what you are about to do if you play Idol Party. Experience the music through dance parties and interactive karaoke. Enjoy the beats and melodies while immersing yourself in the rhythm.

Idol Party – Enter into Musical Idol World

Idol Party is a music game published by X.P. Games. If you are a fan of trending songs loved by the majority of people, you will enjoy this game. Enjoy hearing the trending songs of icons like Avril Lavigne, BTS, and other K-Pop groups. These are just in addition to the list of interesting bands that have their songs in the game.

Your role in the game is simple and is not only isolated to one task. The game allows you to dance to trending songs, do karaoke singing, and even interact with other players. Just join any task as you enter the game. Make sure that you will enjoy each of the tasks because as you start, the fun already begins.

Enjoy the Songs & Interact with Other Players

Idol Party offers you an enjoyable musical gameplay experience. The game introduces you to an interactive game environment revolving around having fun. As you start the game, you will hear a well-known song that will whet your appetite to play. You are then provided with options for how to play these songs. If you are proud of your voice, you can do karaoke. You can choose a dancing party if you want to see your characters dancing. Spoilers alert, you should dress your character well so they will look good while performing the tasks. Making them look good makes you also feel good.

When you are choosing the dancing party, you can play the game through 4 dance modes. You can choose either tempo mode, traditional mode, rhythm mode, and classic mode. Each of them shares similar dance moves that involve spinning, jumping, and waving. Karaoke on the other hand lets you enter a traditional karaoke room. Sing along with other players with trendy songs you are all familiar with. Similarly, there are times when you get bored seeing them, so try customizing them. Try the prestigious Japanese or Korean style, Lolita dress, and summer bikini.

Interesting Music Game Key Features

  • An immersive musical gameplay experience
  • Enter the idol world and join singing and dance parties
  • Interact with other fun and music-loving players around the world
  • Play with cute anime-inspired characters
  • Customizing your characters and drop a trendy OOTD

Now that you know about Idol Party, enjoy playing this game on your PC. You can also try other music games here in EmulatorPC. Check out also some related games like Rock Hero – Guitar Music Game and Beat Blade: Dash Dance.

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