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Nasty Goats Play for Free – A Garbage-Eating Adventure with 2 Goats

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Nasty Goats On Pc

Nasty Goats

Developer: Nickelodeon

Category: Action


Help two Nasty Goats on their quest to cram down across multiple locations. Guide the garbage-devouring animals towards stacks of junk and get rewarded. Race to the end of the line before the farmer gets a hold of them. You can collect and use power-ups to help the goats reach their goal with ease. Rummage the trash in style by outfitting both goats with various costumes and outfits. Make the most out of the short freedom enjoyed by the Nasty Goats by making sure they get their fill.

Your Garbage-Eating Adventure Starts Now

Nasty Goats is a freemium casual action game from Nickelodeon’s iconic show Game Shakers. Like most officially licensed titles, Nasty Goats is brilliantly animated; complete with high-definition graphics and festive BGM. The game also comes with user-friendly controls and mechanics to maximize accessibility. In addition, the game also comes with various areas each with its own unique set of challenges. In terms of rewards, the game provides a plethora of items and currency to compensate for your hard work.

Nasty Goats is both fun and hilarious making it a game suitable for players of all ages. Players adore the straightforward gameplay and user-friendly structure. Making it even more immersive is the hilariously designed characters and environments. On top of that is a secret location concealed somewhere in the game. So, this is your chance to help our nasty protagonists in their epic gobbling quest.

Help the Nasty Goats Collect Junk & Power Ups

The moment you open Nasty Goats game, it will take you straight to the main title page. Similar to most casual games, all you have to do is click the play icon to begin playing. Clicking the play icon will take you to the level and character selection page that displays all items that you can access. After confirming your selections, the game will take you to a short tutorial that covers the basic controls and mechanics. Your first set of challenges is some of the easiest in the game. But despite its effortless levels, it still comes with a decent number of coins and other items as a reward.

Nasty Goats is all about gathering as much garbage as you can before reaching the end of the level. You also need to keep an eye on the farmer tending the garden because you will lose the level if he catches up. Thus, one technique that you can do is to not look anywhere beyond the goats. Doing this will provide you enough time to react to the obstacles and the garbage ahead. Looking attentively at the goats will greatly affect your reaction time because you do not have a view of the road ahead. Do take note that split-second decisions can make or break your run in this game.

Download Nasty Goats Game Online & Explore These Features

  • Fun and addicting gameplay
  • Explore multiple locations
  • Collect various power-ups
  • Discover wearable items
  • Unlock other nasty goat species

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