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Discover the Magic of Music with Piano Kids - Music & Songs

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Piano Kids Music On Pc

Piano Kids – Music & Songs

Developer: Orange Studios Games

Category: Casual, Educational


Piano Kids – Music & Songs is an application that provides an enjoyable and informative experience for kids. The app was developed by Orange Studios Games to help children learn and grow while having fun exploring different musical instruments, sounds, and songs. Piano Kids enables your little ones to enjoy their own piano-playing experience independently, without the need for batteries or adult guidance.

Discover a World of Music and Sounds with Piano Kids – Music & Songs

This app is divided into four modes – instruments, songs, play, and sounds – all designed to engage your children and enhance their creativity. In the instruments category, kids can explore a range of colorful instruments such as the xylophone, saxophone, trumpet, and electric guitar, and play their favorite melodies on a virtual piano. Children can explore various sounds and use them to compose original melodies, showcasing their artistic abilities.

The songs category is perfect for children who love to sing and dance. The app features a selection of children’s songs that your kids can sing along to while playing the piano. Piano Kids – Music & Songs teaches them the basics of playing piano and allows them to follow a short tutorial to learn how to play a complete song.

One of the unique features of Piano Kids – Music & Songs is the sounds category. Here, kids can explore a variety of sounds such as animals, vehicles, and musical instruments. This category is designed to help kids learn about different sounds they hear in their daily lives, enhance their listening skills, and improve their cognitive development.

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay is simple and easy to navigate. With just a few taps, kids can play their piano, change the instrument sounds, and even learn how to play simple songs. The game is divided into three different modes: instruments, songs, and sounds.

The instruments mode is where kids can explore and play with a variety of colorful instruments while the songs mode is where they can learn how to play children’s songs. The sound mode is where they can discover different collections of objects representing images and sounds.

All in all, Piano Kids – Music & Songs is a remarkable application that offers a blend of entertainment and educational value, allowing your children to learn and thrive in an enjoyable manner. It engages their creativity, improves their listening skills, and teaches them the basics of playing the piano.

Exciting Features of Piano Kids – Music & Songs

  • Helps kids learn about musical instruments while developing their musical skills
  • Colorful and engaging interface with games suitable for all ages
  • Uses real sounds of musical instruments to enhance the educational experience    
  • Enjoy four engaging modes in Songs, Sounds, Play, and Instruments
  • Assists in enhancing kids’ auditory perception, retention, focus, and other cognitive abilities
  • A fun and educational app for kids who love

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