5 Best Tycoon Games That Will Test Your Business Skills

Posted on December 14, 2021
Tycoon Games Millionaires Game

Are you planning to enter the world of business soon? Let’s see what you’ve got and let tycoon games train and prepare you for business.

Having a business is a serious matter, especially if you have already invested massive amounts of money and effort. They are typically set with tight rules and focus on resource allocation. But, you know, a business can also be fun. In such a way, the real world of business is already a sort of game. So, if you want to enter magnate training through tycoon games, we’ve compiled a list of tycoon games that will surely test your chops.

A Brief Information about Tycoon Games

Before we jump into the list of our best tycoon games, let’s first discuss what tycoon games are all about. The word ‘tycoon’ came from a Japanese word that means a great lord in the absence of royal blood. But, as time went by, the term evolved and connected to a businessman with exceptional power, influence, and wealth.

Today, tycoon games is a subgenre of famous simulation games that mostly focus on mimicking the economy and encourage players to emphasize generating money. It allows players to work for opportunities to achieve great power, influence, and wealth.

So, test your strategy and business skills now as we take you to our list of best tycoon games!

5 Best Tycoon Games Worth Playing

Here are the tycoon games that will definitely rock your gray matter in terms of managing a business. Each game possesses different mechanics and flavors that will fit any player’s preference.

1. Landlord Idle Tycoon Business Management

Landing first on our list is the Landlord Idle Tycoon Business Management. It is a board game developed by Real Games LTD that mainly focuses on investing in various properties to maximize your wealth.
Landlord Idle Tycoon Download Free

In this game, you need to aim for a real estate empire known globally. To do it, you need to orient yourself about the stock market and invest in real estate to become a multimillionaire. Start it with the different properties near you, invest and see how your money grows.

2. Prison Empire Tycoon

Next to our list of best tycoon games is the Prison Empire Tycoon, a simulation game published by Codigames. This game is somehow unique as you will build your own empire inside the prison. Here, you will start your journey in a low-security jail and eventually turn it into a successful prison with a high level of security.
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In playing Prison Empire Tycoon, you need to work for two goals. First, earn money, and second, manage inmate behaviors and reform them back to society. The two goals are intertwined because the refined prisoners you reformed back into society will earn you loads of money. As you make more money, you can upgrade your prison with promising staff and equipment as well.

3. Idle Supermarket Tycoon

Next to our list is another simulation game developed by Codigames, the Idle Supermarket Tycoon. This game will take you in the shoe of an aspiring business person who pursues becoming a tycoon in a supermarket line.
Idle Supermarket Tycoon Best Product

In this game, you will operate your own supermarket right on your PC. As the owner, you need to develop efficient business strategies using the basic tools accessible in the game. You also need to hire employees, enhance product quality, and look for new features that can be useful to your supermarket.

4. City Island 3

Another tycoon game worth playing is the City Island 3. If you are enjoying building sims, then this game is right for you. Here, you will turn multiple islands into a renowned metropolis or whatever you wish to do.
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It is an exciting game that depicts a lot of quests, so there will be no dull moments as each island presents a certain biome, meaning each of them has its own flavor and mechanics. However, it is always your choice on how you will transform the boring island into a prosperous city.

5. Nightclub Empire – Idle Disco Tycoon

Last to our top 5 list is the Nightclub Empire. It is an exciting casual simulation game published by RSGapps – Idle Tycoon Games that enables players to become the best nightclub manager. This entertaining game will task you to be the owner of a nightclub and work for it to become successful.
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To create a profitable nightclub, you need to keep customers coming to your place and make sure they buy from your bar. Though clubbers automatically enter your club, you still need to make sure that their stay will be worth it so they will purchase things in your club. To earn more money, you need to do essential upgrades; like expanding the parking lot to allow more guests capacity.

Final Thoughts

So, here are the titles included in our top list of the best tycoon games. With this thriving selection of tycoon games, you’ll be able to train yourself to become the most renowned tycoon in your line of business.

Do you have a personal tycoon title you love playing that was mentioned in our list? Don’t hesitate to share them here! For more information and updates about these tycoon games, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC!

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