10 Amazing Team Games to Play with Your Buddies

Posted on October 20, 2022
Amazing Team Games To Play With Your Buddies

Playing games is almost always great and more exciting when you have friends. And this holds more truth if such team games offer online co-op and competitive modes. Multiplayer games are extremely fun to play and can cater to a wide age range of players. Additionally, seeing different people from various parts of the Earth band together is a joy to watch.

There’s just something about playing team games that adds more pizzazz to the gaming experience. While playing solo is totally fine, multiplayer games can be a much-needed source of good vibes. Work together with your teammates to achieve victory or make enemies succumb to your power. Whatever sways your boat, we have compiled some of the best multiplayer games you can play out there.

10 Team Games You Must Play with Your Friends

Check out the best team games you can enjoy with your online friends;

Among Us

If you prefer space-themed and mystery detective games, Among Us is a must-try. Travel through space and be one of the space crews. Unmask the impostor who is a lethal intruder who snuck aboard to destroy everyone. At the start of each game, you will be assigned the role of a crewman or impostor; both of which will be a secret from everyone. Wipe out the entire crew before your identity is revealed and vice versa. Among Us is a thrilling action online game you can play as a group.



Call of Duty Mobile

One of the most popular shooter games is Call of Duty Mobile. Similar to Modern Warfare, this is an online multiplayer first-person shooter. Sharpen your sight and hearing as you fight other players across the world. Call of Duty Mobile is an excellent online first-person shooter team game with outstanding graphics, crisp sound effects, and various maps. Choose true-to-life weapons and armor as you play in the Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, and other game modes.

Call Of Duty Mobile Commanders Elite


Pokémon UNITE

Our first MOBA entry on the list is Pokémon UNITE. As the name implies, you will be immersed in 5v5 matches with popular pocket monsters from the manganime franchise. You will be teamed up with random players in real-time where your goal is to conquer your rival’s base to win. Take on different roles to create a balanced team. Pokémon UNITE brings not just addictive gameplay but a unique experience featuring Pokémon characters.

Pokemon Unite Download Pc Free 1


Smash Legends

Smash Legends is an action team game with excellent 3D graphics and puts you in 3v3 battles that are 3 minutes long. It is similar to games like Power Stone and Super Smash Bros where your goal is to eliminate enemies from the board or field. But of course, the greater the damage you inflict, the quicker your enemies will be eliminated in Smash Legends. Harmonize with your teammates and be the first to score 4 points or the first to destroy all enemy pawns.

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League of Legends: Wild Rift

The undisputed MOBA games king, League of Legends, has gotten a mobile adaptation. In League of Legends: Wild Rift, you will be competing in 5v5 games that usually last 20 minutes on average. Many of the heroes in League of Legends: Wild Rift are familiar names from the saga. This MOBA game features exceptional 3D graphics, music, and gameplay with loads of heroes to choose from.


Brawl Stars

Brace yourself as you enter a real-time combat team game where you battle it out against another team of three players. Choose from different game modes including Rewards Mode and Deathmatch. In Brawl Stars, you will be competing against another team to see who can finish matches with more stars or knockouts.

brawl stars team up friends


Extraordinary Ones

MOBA games are concrete examples of what multiplayer games are all about. If you are a fan of anime art style graphics then you will enjoy playing Extraordinary Ones. Choose from over 50 high-definition 3D characters and gather a team of five players. Be the first to destroy the enemy’s base using heroes inspired by popular anime series. Extraordinary Ones offers an original overall atmosphere with charismatic heroes.

Extraordinary Ones Gameplay On Pc



Connect to the same WiFi or Bluetooth network and gather a team of two to four players in Spaceteam. Join a space crew and execute whatever command was assigned to you. Carry out all orders by coordinating with your teammates in real time. Spaceteam is an extremely wonderful social team game with simple gameplay but challenging missions.

Spaceteam Free Pc Download


Warface Global Operations

If you prefer multiplayer shooting games focusing on classic team deathmatch, then try Warface Global Operations. Here, you will be playing in a team of five players inside a closed setting like an abandoned warehouse and whatnot. Each round lasts four minutes and you have to complete special map objectives. While doing so, make sure you are getting rid of your opponents before they defeat you. With amazing graphics and different weapons, Warface Global Operations is an entertaining and straightforward FPS team game.


Evil Nun: Horror Brawl

Prepare to scare yourself as you play Evil Nun: Horror Brawl with players from across the globe. Here, you have escaped the grasp of an evil nun out to perform a satanic ritual on you. Solve different puzzles as quickly as you can. Avoid making a sound or suffer a horrific experience of the nun running in your direction. Evil Nun: Horror Brawl, as the name implies, is a terrifying game that will scare the helluva out of you. With good graphics and sound effects, the chilling ambiance will keep you entertained for hours.

Evil Nun Horror Brawl

Image Source: Evil Nun Horror Brawl


Which of the Team Games Do You Prefer?

So this ends our recommendations for team games you can play with friends for that extra oomph. Make sure to check back here in EmulatorPC for more game guides and updates.

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