6 Best Arcade Games You Should Play on PC

Posted on June 25, 2021
Arcade Games Play PC

When you say arcade games, they are usually the ones that are simple to play. Specifically, learning their gameplay is not that difficult compared to RPGs or strategy games. And since their gameplay is addicting, it won’t be uncommon to find yourself playing these games for hours. Apart from its easy gameplay, what makes arcade games fun and addicting to play is their challenging aspect. Overall, they’re great games that are usually easy to learn but difficult to be good at.

Since arcade games are one of the most common ones that everyone can play, there are so many games for you to choose from. This makes it difficult for you to find a good arcade game to play. Fortunately, this blog will make your decision easier. Here, we list down the 6 best arcade games to play on PC. This way, you’ll know what games you should start with.


Fruit Ninja gameplay


1. Fruit Ninja

Let’s start off with one of the easiest arcade games to play, which is Fruit Ninja. It’s a simple arcade game where you get to slice fruits that are being thrown in the air. Moreover, you get to score points depending on how many fruits you slash. You even get more points if you happen to slash more fruits with just one slash.

Despite its addicting gameplay, this game is challenging to play. You need to have great timing when slashing as many fruits as you can using your finger. However, you have to be careful of traps such as bombs. Once you slash a bomb, it’s game over.

2. Pac-Man

If you prefer a more classic arcade game, then you should play Pac-Man. This game has been around since the 80s. Despite how old this game is, it doesn’t mean that it’s not fun to play. In fact, Pac-Man remains one of the best arcade games out there.

Pac-Man has simple gameplay—you just need to consume all the dots in the maze while avoiding the colored ghosts chasing you. However, you can turn the tables for a short period if you consume the power-up pellet. Ultimately, Pac-Man is a fun game to play. Once you play it, you’ll understand why this game is still popular even to this day.

3. Duet

Another great arcade game that you can play is Duet. It has a unique concept where players can test their strategy and quick thinking. In this game, you control two colored orbs rotating in a circular motion on an endless maze without hitting any falling obstacles. . You tap on the left to make it rotate to the right and tap right to make it to the left. By the looks of it, its gameplay is easy. But when you play it, it can be very challenging. It can also be frustrating, especially for players who are very aggressive in winning.


Hole.io arcade games


4. Hole.io

If you want to play a multiplayer arcade game, then io games should be your option. One of the best io games you can play is Hole.io. In this game, you’ll play the role of a hole, where your goal is to gobble up anything. That’s right, anything that you can see on the map should be consumed. The more you consume, the more you earn points. What’s more, your hole gets bigger as you consume more things. For this game, your goal is to have the highest point total at the end of the time limit.

The great thing about this game is you also play it with other players. Apart from that, you can also consume other holes, but you need to be bigger than them. Overall, it’s an interesting arcade game where you can share the fun with your friends.

5. Many Bricks Breaker

Another simple but challenging arcade game to play is Many Bricks Breaker. In this game, your goal is to eliminate all the bricks you see on the level. To do that, you need the help of a white dot. But since the white dot is bouncy, you have to make sure it doesn’t fall off. So, you need to use a platform to make it bounce back up. Moreover, there are also powerups available to make eliminating bricks easier.

Many Bricks Breaker is a fun and easy game that offers various levels for you to complete. But bear in mind that as you progress further, breaking bricks gets more difficult.

6. Cooking Fever

If you’re into cooking, then Cooking Fever is an arcade game that will surely fit your liking. In this game, your goal is to make sure you run your restaurant efficiently and profitably. This means you’ll have to serve customers as quickly as possible and make sure you are getting their orders right.

What makes this game challenging is that not only will customers start to come quickly, but you’ll also start to offer more dishes on your menu. These things make fulfilling orders more difficult to manage. Hence, it also makes the game more exciting to play.

Here ends our list of the best six arcade games to play on PC. Make sure to try them all so you’ll understand why these arcade games are truly fun and exciting to play.

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