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Hole Io PC - When Black Holes Collide

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Developer: VOODOO

Category: Arcade


The entire gaming industry is taken over by various trends that nobody wished for. For instance, we now have an overwhelming number of MOBAs and battle royales! That being said, we’re still glad that indie devs are not diving into the trend! Nevertheless, there are some indie games that borrow distinct elements from mainstream genres. One such game is Hole Io Desktop.

Hole Io is a game that cleverly meshes battle royale gameplay with classic io mechanics. Although the game boasts the simplicity and accessibility of input-output games, Hole Io Desktop is still as outstanding as mainstream games. The idea of Hole Io PC is simple – you will play as a black hole trying to devour everything, other black holes included! Such gameplay sounds boring in practice.

But, in reality, such a premise is one of the best hyper casual mechanics to date! Moreover, it is also one of the most competitive io games around. Hole Io Unblocked provides no-hole gameplay without punching a hole through your wallet. If you love quality games that will not drain your cash like a black hole, then this game is for you. Are you curious about the awesomeness of Hole Io? Then read on to find out more!

Game That Takes Away Your Boredom

Hole Io desktop is a gigantic black hole that will suck out your boredom. All it takes is to download the game for a couple of MBs and you can play right there, right now! The competitive gameplay of Hole Io borrows the familiar mechanics of battle royale games. Specifically, the game forces you to collide with other black holes as the playfield narrows!

Battle Royale games are all about collecting top-tier gear to win. On the other hand, Hole Io is about growing as fast and as large as you can! The larger your hole is, the easier it is for you to suck your foes. Thus, you have to make sure that you are the largest in order to win the game!

In Hole Io, you will grow by devouring random objects and other black holes. Thus, you have to strategize in order to determine the path with the most objects. You can also try to avoid paths with few objects left because it is a surefire way to tell that something larger just passed by the path.  If you are the largest black hole in the game, victory becomes so much easier because you can devour anyone you come across. However, you should take note that smart players can outgrow you if you become too confident!

Skins To Show off in Hole Io

With Hole Io PC’s huge list of black hole skins, you can show off your personal style! Ranging from the most ridiculous to the most stunning thingamajigs, these skins are undeniably awesome. The skins not only change the appearance of the black hole but also throw in flashy special effects.

Thus, skins can change the overall feel of your black hole! Hundreds of skins are yours for the taking. However, the skins work as some kind of a reward for your endeavors as a diligent black hole. Hence, you have to play hard to earn them! Some of the skins include the following are the heart, rainbow and mouse skin! Get all of these to move forward in the game further!

Best Hole Io Features

  • Drop-in drop-out multiplayer
  • Simple learning curve with huge rewards
  • Tons of unlockable
  • Different maps with different flavors
  • Free to download and play, anytime and anywhere!

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