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Equestriad World Tour - Play & Enjoy this Exciting Horse Riding Game

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Fei Equestriad On Pc

FEI Equestriad World Tour

Developer: GoGallop Studios

Category: Sports


Horse racing is one of the coolest racing sports games in the world. It is not just all about taking big bets but also accounting for the excitement it provides. If you want to play an immersive game similar to it, try playing FEI Equestriad World Tour on PC. This sports game brings you a realistic equestrian experience you will surely enjoy on your PC. You will feel the vibe of horse riding and indulge yourself in more realistic features while playing. Play the game by downloading it first on your PC.

Experience Horse Riding in Equestriad World Tour

Equestriad World Tour is a realistic equestrian sports game published by GoGallop Studios. The game delivers an immersive and accurate representation of the equestrian 3-day eventing sport. You will find this game exciting whether you are an experienced rider, an equine lover, or just a casual player. It features thrilling show-jumping, cross-country, and dressage disciplines to provide family-friendly equestrian entertainment. The sport of 3-day eventing for horses is accurately and completely portrayed. You will experience a realistic horse riding game that features a realistic portrayal of its interesting event.

The goal is to advance to the officially sanctioned 5* star Badminton, Burghley, and Kentucky horse trials events. There is also the Australian International 3DE event that adds a layer to the excitement. But before you become excited, you must first master the fundamentals of horse riding. Timing, control, and even rider and horse appearance are taken into account when rating competitors in these team competitions.

Personalize Your Horses in Team Competitions

Equestriad World Tour’s horse riding gameplay portrays a realistic equestrian experience virtually. But that’s not all, though. You can also educate, care for, and personalize your horses in the game. Your horse will perform better the more you care for and train him. Customization options let you build distinctive components for your riding pair. They include clothing types, horse breeds, face markings, and patterns, which will excite fans of horseback riding. There is always something new to discover and unlock thanks to the hundreds of unlocked items. They are accessible for you to find.

Moreover, you have the option of competing in team competitions with players from across the world. If you prefer to train or compete with yourself, you can play the game in a solitary career mode. Download the top eventing riders and their horses from the game’s “Tack Store,” which is a brand-new and thrilling addition. The world’s greatest course designers offer signature fantasy courses that you can download. It allows for an even more difficult and thrilling gaming experience. Although Equestrian World Tour is a free game, you can buy some in-game products with real money.

Equestriad World Tour PC Game Features

  • Experience a realistic equestrian adventure on your PC
  • Accurate representation of the equestrian 3-day event sport
  • Master the fundamentals of horse riding before competing
  • Train your horses to perform better in competitions
  • Interactive customization options to enjoy
  • Unlock and discover new items as you progress
  • Play the game through multiplayer or solo career mode
  • Download top eventing riders and their horses

Play Equestriad World Tour after you download it to embark on realistic horse-riding adventures. For more interesting sports games involving animals, try Duck Life and Rumble Stars Football. Grab these and more here in EmulatorPC.

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