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Island War - Set Sail for Adventure & Join the Sea Battle Domination

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Island War On Pc

Island War

Developer: Fastone Games HK

Category: Strategy


Welcome to the world of the Island War by Fastone Games HK, where the continent in the center of the world was shattered by a mysterious power, leaving countless islands scattered across the ocean behind. You can become a pirate and a conqueror in this game by sending your fleet to loot weaker islands or fortifying your own island and defending it from intruders.

Island War – Control & Conquer Islands

Island War is a massively multiplayer online game where you can play with millions of other players from around the world. You will explore uncharted territories to find wizards, archers, sea monsters, ancient dragons, and other soldiers to command and serve you. As you conquer islands and gather resources, you will upgrade your island, build an impenetrable fortress, and become the ultimate ruler of the sea.

However, remember that in Island War, a hunter can become the prey in an instant. The appropriate strategies can reduce even the toughest fortress to ruins. You must always be on guard and upgrade your island to fend off attackers.

Team up together with other captains to establish yourself as a new force in the sea in the Island War game. You can work together on projects, invade other islands, and take valuable resources. Your next expedition will always have the biggest haul waiting for you.

Protect Your Island At All Risks

To win the Island War game, you need a strong plan. You must build a strong defense system to protect your island from attackers and raid weaker islands to gather resources. You must recruit powerful troops, upgrade your weapons and defenses, and master different battle tactics to become the greatest pirate and conqueror ever.

Island War is a thrilling and addictive game that keeps you engaged for hours. So, set sail, explore the unknown, and conquer the sea in this exciting island strategy game. The world’s future is in your hands!

Challenging Island Strategy Game Features

  • Massive multiplayer game with millions of players worldwide
  • Explore unknown places with powerful troops to recruit and command
  • Raid and loot islands for resources and island upgrades
  • Build an impenetrable fortress to protect against attackers
  • Attack other islands for precious resources and ultimate sea power
  • Cooperate with other captains for cooperative tasks and sea dominance
  • Master battle tactics to become the greatest pirate and conqueror
  • Addictive and strategic gameplay in a shattered world of countless islands
  • Play as a pirate, conqueror, or defender of your own island

Join the battle for sea domination and become the greatest pirate and conqueror of all time in the Island War! Play now on PC and experience thrilling gameplay with millions of players worldwide.

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