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Mirage Memorial Global


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If you’re looking for games that feature beautiful waifus,then you mustn’t miss out on playing Mirage Memorial Global. It’s a character collection MMORPG card game where you’ll get a chance to use various pretty ladies and immerse yourself in massive fights.

Published by EFUN COMPANY LIMITED, Mirage Memorial Global also offers gacha mechanics to obtain your chibis. Still, what matters most, you need to come up with a powerful team that can withstand different fights, both in PvE and PvP.

Mirage Memorial Global – Forming Your Winning Team

In playing Mirage Memorial Global PC download, you need to compose a team of five that will grind in different dungeons, competitions, events, and more. However, take note that there are three main character roles available in this card game; DPS, tank, and support. Aside from roles, these characters are classified according to elements such as Air, Water, Fire, and Light. Remember, servants can be strong or weak in other elements, especially in taking PvE modes.

As mentioned above, Mirage Memorial Global also runs with gacha mechanics. That means there’s a chance that you’ll get powerful or not-so-powerful characters. Moreover, servants are categorized according to rarity, and SS is the highest one. As of the moment, you can summon more than 100 stunning servants.

Once your team is set, you can move on to PvE modes, and it’s best to take Aristotle’s Trials first. In this place, your team will face various challenges, which are classified according to the different difficulty levels; Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Leveling Up Your Waifus & the Merc System

As you progress in Mirage Memorial Global, you need to level up your characters to survive challenging situations. Usually, characters level up by gaining experience from battles. Additionally, you can utilize the experience cards to upgrade your servants. However, if you think your team is good enough, you and your servants can join massive global fights and make your way to 50 vs. 50. Also, don’t miss the “Merc System,” where you can deploy more than 300 lineups of mercenaries who can assist your servants.

Playing Mirage Memorial Global is not about combat. In this game, you will have an exclusive backyard where you can interact with your servants. Furthermore, you’ll have a spa or cafe where you and your servants can enjoy.

Mirage Memorial Global Game Features

  • A fascinating character collecting MMORPG card game
  • Immerse in different PvE and PvP modes
  • Summon more than 100 servants
  • Don’t miss the 50 vs. 50 massive battle
  • Upgrade your servants
  • Deploy your mercenary lineup
  • Exclusive backyard for each master

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