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Narcos Cartel Wars & Strategy - Orchestrate Your Cartel’s Activities

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Narcos Cartel Wars On Pc

Narcos: Cartel Wars & Strategy

Developer: Tilting Point

Category: Strategy


Drug kingpins are fascinating people that have an intricate frame of mind. If you want to be one virtually, try Narcos: Cartel Wars & Strategy. This strategy and simulation game enables you to experience and take part in the life of a drug kingpin. Download the game to start your journey if you want to partake in action.

Manage Your Great Drug Cartel

Published by Tilting Point, the game will take you to the life of a drug cartel owner. If you are familiar with the movie series, Narcos, you will surely enjoy this game. It brings you the same elements that you can tweak depending on the strategy you are about to use. The game immerses you in action-packed combat, where you battle against enemy cartels.

The level of action in this game will elevate once you recruit the best men to serve your empire. You will gain notoriety and respect as you progress through the game. You will also build more structures to strengthen and expand your cartel. This will elevate your profit to a maximum percentage.

Choose your war strategy and beat other drug cartels to take the monopoly. Recruit and build the best defenses that will help your cartel protect from enemies. You can do and orchestrate a lot of things while playing the game. Constantly strategize to expand and become the godfather of your empire.

Create and Grow Your Empire to Amass More Profits

The game immerses you in a simulated environment where you control your operational aspects. Your cartel needs a boost, and you should begin it elsewhere. You will be tasked with building your cartel empire, recruiting allies, and waging war against other players. You will embark on a quest for power and money.

With guidance from drug lord El Patron, you will learn the ropes of running an operation and managing your relationship with the authorities. You will do this through agents Murphy and Pena. You will encounter these characters while playing the game. To build your cartel empire, you must first choose your war strategy.  Will you lead through raw power or gather respect through loyalty? It’s up to you to decide whether it will be “Plata o Plomo.”

You should make the right decisions to rise to the top. Recruit and build your team of sicarios, level them up, and use them to defend your base of cocaine drug lords. Doing this allows you to add more bonuses to production. Alternatively, you can choose “Plomo” and send sicario-led death squads. This is to take over high-value resources from other player cartels.

Strategy Game Key Features to Expect

  • Become a ruthless drug cartel boss
  • Manage your cartel with your strategies
  • Choose your war strategy against your enemies
  • Expand your drug cartel into a thriving criminal empire
  • Orchestrate your cartel activities
  • Make the right decisions through Plata or Plomo

Download and play the game to start your journey as a notorious drug kingpin, at least virtually. Check out the City of Crime, Gang Wars, and Braveland Heroes if you love strategy games.

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