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Braveland Heroes - Can You Retrieve the King’s Royal Scepter?

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Braveland Heroes On Pc

Braveland Heroes

Developer: Tortuga Team

Category: Strategy


Imagine you are a mighty hero of a foreign land tasked with fighting off the forces of evil threatening to destroy your kingdom. With a generous bounty being offered, can you lead a legion of heroes and fight off fiends? Put your role-playing game (RPG) strategy skills to the test. Challenge yourself and play Braveland Heroes PC today!

Interesting Stuff About this RPG Strategy Game

Braveland Heroes is a turn-based RPG strategy game from developer Tortuga Team. Despite bearing the same title as its predecessors – Braveland, Braveland Wizard, and Braveland Pirates – the storyline of Braveland Heroes is different. Although you can still find similar characters in the entire Braveland game universe.

The plot of Braveland Heroes begins when the King’s royal staff of the Seven Kingdoms get purloined from the throne room. So, all of the seven Kings decided to summon the mightiest heroes in the land to find it. In return, they will reward a generous bounty to the hero who brings it back. So, with confidence in your abilities, you set off on a perilous journey to retrieve the royal relic.

Braveland Heroes Download to Play on Your Computer

You will begin your quest as an old warrior’s son from a humble village who made it a vow to search and find the royal scepter. That’s when your small town was cruelly raided by fiends when you decided to submit to the Seven Kingdom’s call. Forming your legion of heroes on the way, you will begin your journey.

The Braveland Heroes PC is a strategy game inspired by old-school strategies on a hexagonal battlefield. Here, you need to be smart to lead your team, fight bosses, and win against other players from across the world. You can choose between three different hero classes – a Barbarian, a Sorceress, or a Pirate. As you progress in the game, your army will expand with various kinds of allies. There are Monks, Beasts, Demons, Archers, Knights, and many others.

Go through each map’s level to complete the storyline. Raid dungeons and defeat bosses to rake in useful rewards. Use these items to create and upgrade weapons and ammunition.

Braveland Heroes Game Features Not to Miss Out On

  • Choose between player versus enemy (PVE) or player versus player (PVP) modes
  • High definition world with stunning-looking heroes and villains
  • Hundreds of levels and bosses to defeat, each increase in difficulty as you advance
  • Collect a variety of heroes with their unique magical skills
  • Create your own weapon and upgrade your ammo
  • An evolving Braveland Heroes Saga – the plot thickens with each update

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