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Ocean Is Home: Survival Island - Find Ways To Survive in the Island

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Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

Developer: Birdy Dog Studio

Category: Action


Ocean Is Home, developed by Birdy Dog Studio, immerses players in an exciting adventure where they must navigate the challenges of surviving on a desert island. The game provides a full sense of freedom, allowing players to explore a vast and diverse island teeming with secrets to uncover. The primary objective is simple but demanding: survive at all costs. To achieve this, players must master the art of resource gathering, building, and crafting. From gathering food to constructing a sturdy shelter, the game presents a realistic depiction of the struggles one would face in such a situation.

Master Your Survival Skills

One of the key features of Ocean Is Home is the ability to build your own house. To do so, players must gather resources such as wood and stone, which can be obtained by mining. These resources serve as the foundation for constructing various items necessary for survival. Crafting plays a vital role in the game, as players can create weapons for hunting animals, tools for fishing, and other essential items like water extraction devices and electricity sources. The crafting system offers a wide range of options, allowing players to adapt and strategize according to their needs and circumstances.

This island survival game boasts an advanced system of player skills, allowing characters to grow and develop as they progress. As players engage in various activities such as hunting, fishing, and crafting, their skills will improve, enhancing their chances of survival. This adds depth and a sense of progression to the gameplay, providing a rewarding experience for players as they become more adept at navigating the challenges of the island.

Progression, Exploration, & Survival in this Island Game

Ocean Is Home Survival Island also introduces different kinds of transport to aid players in their exploration. Whether it’s a simple raft or a more advanced vessel, these means of transportation open up new opportunities for players to venture further into the island’s mysteries and discover valuable resources.

For those starting out on their desert island journey, there are a few quick tips to keep in mind. Initially, it is crucial to mine wood and stone, as these resources will be essential for crafting and construction purposes. Players should prioritize using these resources to create items needed for house building, hunting weapons, fishing tools, and water and electricity extraction. Finding food is crucial, and players can either search for edible items or create their own farm to ensure a sustainable food source.

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Game Features

  • Explore a vast desert island with full freedom
  • Build your own house using gathered resources
  • Craft various items and weapons for hunting and survival
  • Advance your player skills as you engage in different activities
  • Discover different kinds of transportation options
  • Mine wood and stone for crafting purposes
  • Use crafted items for house construction, hunting, fishing, and more
  • Find food or establish your own farm for sustenance

Take on the ultimate challenge of survival and embark on an unforgettable adventure! Dive into the immersive world of Ocean Is Home. Face the elements, build your own sanctuary, and craft your way to survival. Play the game now on PC and experience the thrill firsthand. But if you’re hungry for more action-packed games, check out similar titles on EmulatorPC. For instance, Tiny Island Survival and Idle Arks: Build at Sea.

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