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Pocket Ants Colony Simulator - Build Your Booming Base With the Queen

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Pocket Ants On Pc

Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator

Developer: Ariel-Games

Category: Strategy


Can you imagine how ants, specifically the queen, manage their small colony? Fortunately, you can witness the hardships of these little creatures by playing Pocket Ants Colony Simulator. In this strategy game, you’ll play the role of a manager, and you need to help the queen ant build and furnish the base.

Published by Ariel-Games, Pocket Ants Colony Simulator depicts attractive gameplay that will test your tactics and managerial skills in running a colony of ants. If you’re having second thoughts about downloading this game, just try it and you’ll change your mind right away.

Play Pocket Ants Colony Simulator – Manager On Duty

As mentioned above, you’ll take the role of the manager of an ant colony in Pocket Ants Colony Simulator. Your mission is to supervise the ants and build a flourishing base dully. Therefore, you must send out various workers to collect needed resources for the bases.

Aside from the resources, your workers can also help you establish more rooms in the nest. In addition to the workers, you can also designate an army of soldiers who will take charge of the entire security of the base. So if you wish to fasten the performance of your workers and soldiers, you can opt to grow the queen ants.

Creating a Thriving Base With Enough Resources

To progress effectively in Pocket Ants Colony Simulator, you need to focus on your base’s five main resources; Honeydew, Food, Seed, Body Parts, and Leaf. In this strategy game, you need to opt for seeds to perform various quests and enhance your nest. To acquire Seeds, you can deploy the workers and ask them to gather seeds from the outside of the nest.

As for Honey, you can collect this resource through the special aphid. You need to protect the aphid against the red ants, or you’ll lose your main resource for your honey. Additionally, one of the essential resources of Pocket Ants Colony Simulator is food. The food helps the queen survive and utilize by soldiers and citizens in the production process. To obtain food, you can use Leaf.

While you play Pocket Ants Colony Simulator, you need to remember that it’s vital to build and upgrade the slave room to store more resources. As for Body parts, you can obtain this resource through the beaten creatures outside the base. Lastly, Honeydew serves as the in-game currency of the game. You can use this resource to diminish the egg hatching time, boost the operating speed, and more. However, take note that Body Parts and Leaf can be used in upgrading various things in the game.

Stirring Strategy Game Features Worth Checking Out

  • A fun yet challenging strategy game
  • Take the role of a tactical manager of the ants’ colony
  • Help the Queen Ant create a flourishing ant base
  • Designate workers and soldiers
  • Focus on managing your significant resources

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