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Spaceteam PC - An Intense Real-Time Cooperative Word & Card Game

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Developer: Henry Smith Inc.

Category: Word


Are you looking for an exciting game you and your friends can play on PC? Well, there’s no need to go further as you can play the Spaceteam Game PC. This word game primarily revolves around a cooperative card game perspective, and you need to execute effective teamwork.

Published by Henry Smith Inc, Spaceteam is a game that enables you and your teammates to do loads of matching stuff such as images, icons, and names while listening to your teammate’s instructions. Let’s learn more here.

Play Spaceteam On PC Now!

As you play Spaceteam on PC, you’ll get a chance to play in a real-time cooperative game where you need to compose a team in order to play the game. Once your team is established, you and your teammates need to choose from the two types of deck cards available; the Malfunction Deck and Tool Deck.

In Spaceteam, Tool Deck is a game mode where you and the other players will use 24 cards to sort out the anomalies and malfunctions you’ll find in the Malfunction deck. On the other hand, the Malfunction deck is where you’ll find the cards that need to be mended, the anomalies that require solution, and six Systems Go cards that will help you trace how close your team is to your victory.

As the game starts, the Tool Cards will be dispersed among you and your teammates. Your team can choose a level of difficulty based on your team’s skill. You also need a particular amount of Malfunction Cards, Systems Go Cards, and Anomaly Cards. Once the cards are set, you can start distributing the Malfunction Cards equally to your teammates and start the timer. From there, everybody needs to reveal their Malfunction decks, and the team needs to sort out their cards individually.

It’s Time to Scream Out!

In Spaceteam Game PC, each Malfunction card will opt you, which needs to be fixed. After that, you need to use your Tool Cards, which cannot be in your hand. In case that happens, you need to scream out to your comrades, telling them the card names you need to repair the malfunctions. However, if it happens that the tool card is accessible to a team member apart, it should be passed from player to player without switching places. Once you have already resolved a particular malfunction, you can proceed to the next card.

As for the Anomaly Cards, you need to execute various actions such as switching hands, moving cards, switching seats, and more. Like what you did previously, once you’ve already done the required action from the card, you can proceed to the next card. Finally, you’ll need to deal with Systems Go Cards. You just need to place them in the middle of the group and read the caption. As mentioned above, there are six Systems Go Cards, and once your team has completed the six cards, then your team wins!

Amusing Spaceteam Game Features Worth Checking Out

  • A fun yet challenging real-time cooperative card word game
  • Play with 2 to 8 players
  • Access two decks of cards – Tool and Malfunction
  • Understand the uses of Tool, Anomaly, and Systems Go Cards
  • Shout if you need help

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