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Stickman Hook – A Fun & Addicting Action Puzzle Game

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Stickman Hook On Pc

Stickman Hook

Developer: Madbox

Category: Action


If you are a fan of Stickman games, you are in for a challenge with Stickman Hook. Challenge yourself to a plethora of levels packed with various challenges. Jump, roll, grapple, and swing to reach the end of each level. Now is your chance to take your platforming skills to a new level from the comfort of your PC.

Welcome to Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook is a freemium action puzzle game published by MadBox. As the title implies, the game features a stickman character armed with a grappling hook. Players must help the main protagonist reach the end of each level in any way possible without hitting any obstacle. The main character can swing, jump, grapple, and run across each level. Similar to other platformer games, Stickman Hook is presented in vertical 2D complete with realistic movements or physics. The game also comes with a unique design that allows players to execute freestyle moves.

Since its official launch, Stickman Hook has impressively lured millions of players to frequent its levels. The game’s user-friendly controls, easy-to-learn mechanics, and straightforward presentation were positively received by players across the globe. Thus resulting in an overwhelming number of accolades. If you think that you have the skills to beat each level in this game, download it today. You only need to follow the download instructions on this page.

Play Stickman Hook on PC

Stickman Hook, as mentioned in the description is a straightforward game that will take you straight to where the action is. The game starts by taking you to the main title page, where you will find your first set of challenges (Classic 1-5). Like most casual games, the first five stages will serve as your warm-up levels. In other words, these levels are going to be easy. Nevertheless, the game comes with an escalating difficulty system, which means that the levels increase in difficulty as you progress further in the game. In addition, the game also has generous in-game items. One example is the character skins that will automatically unlock as you beat more levels.

Moving forward, the Stickman Hook game is all about style, level completion, and in-game item collection. To achieve all three, you need to practice and play the game religiously. Regular gameplay will help you get used to the game’s controls and elements. Other than that, just enjoy the game and its challenges.

Awesome Stickman Game Features:

  • Straightforward easy-to-master gameplay
  • Smooth animation and brilliant graphics
  • Realistic physics
  • Tons of in-game items to collect
  • A plethora of challenges to explore

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