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Ancient Planet - Strategically Conquer the Cosmos With Towers & Bases

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Ancient Planet On Pc

Ancient Planet Tower Defense

Developer: IP Dmitri Isaenkov

Category: Strategy


Embark on an otherworldly journey defending the stronghold of an ancient civilization with the exhilarating Ancient Planet Tower Defense game by IP Dmitri Isaenkov. Face off against relentless alien raiders, deploying powerful technologies of the ancients to safeguard the sacred grounds in this gripping planet defense game.

Ancient Planet – Strategically Build Your Towers

Experience the classic planet defense game charm, reminiscent of good old games where strategic tower placement is key. With 40 unique levels and diverse enemies featuring their own distinct traits, the challenge unfolds across the ancient planet’s landscape.

Upgrade your towers and more as new technologies empower you to devise unique strategies for each level in Ancient Planet Tower Defense, shaping an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience. Even the base is customizable, adding an extra layer to your defense against the alien raiders.

Reset and redistribute upgrades freely, reclaiming your emeralds to strengthen your defenses on the Ancient Planet. Immerse yourself in the narrative, based on recollections from veterans of intergalactic wars, and witness the ancient planet come to life through the eyes of our dedicated artist.

Don’t Miss the Improviser

The character voices, eerily identical to real ones, enhance the immersive experience in Ancient Planet Tower Defense. Developed upon the order of the High Council of the Intelligent Civilizations of the Galaxy, this planet defense game carries the prestigious approval of the highest authorities.

As a bonus in Ancient Planet Tower Defense, discover the Galactic energy drink “Improviser” with a rocket fuel extract. While it may reduce fatigue, exercise caution—it might also shorten your life by a couple of years. “Improviser”—fueling  a vibrant and fast life on this ancient planet tower defense battlefield! So, are you ready to unleash your tactical skills on the Ancient Planet? Download the game now!

Compelling Ancient Planet Tower Defense Game Features

  • Defend ancient civilization against alien raiders
  • Classic Tower Defense gameplay with strategic tower building
  • Upgrade towers and bases for unique strategies across 40 levels
  • Freely reset upgrades and reclaim emeralds for adjustments
  • Realistic character voices enhance the experience
  • Developed under the High Council’s order, adding prestige
  • Bonus: Galactic energy drink “Improviser” for potential gameplay boost

Are you ready to command the defense of an ancient civilization against alien raiders? Immerse yourself in the epic battles of Ancient Planet Tower Defense on PC now! Unleash strategic brilliance, upgrade your towers, and conquer 40 unique levels.

Visit our website for the ultimate gaming experience! Play Ancient Planet Tower Defense and discover a galaxy of similar strategy games. You can play Stormshot and North Tower. Gear up for intergalactic warfare; your empire awaits!

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