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North Tower - Merge TD Defense - 3D Simulation Game

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North Tower Merge On Pc

North Tower – Merge TD Defense

Developer: Epoch-Games

Category: Strategy


Not just another tower defense game that is available free to play, North Tower – Merge TD Defense is every bit as excellent as those games that cost money. You have to defend your kingdom in North Tower against a barrage of assaults and fend off armies, gigantic dragons, and even worms, as they attempt to storm your fortress.

Explore a New Tower Defense 3D Game Simulation

North Tower distinguishes itself from the competition by fusing several gaming elements, including tower defense. Yet, aspects of an incremental game that use merge dynamics also support North Tower’s development. Armaments that have the exact tier are combinable to produce a more potent version, creating a distinctive method of advancement.

The fact that North Tower is an idle game also implies that activities continue even if you are not signed in to the game. Defeat all the foes and defend the central tower with the turrets and heroes surrounding it in this traditional idle tower defense game.

Merge Weapons & Heroes to Defeat the Boss

You must construct turrets nearby to fend off opposing assaults that aim for the central tower. The tower needs protection from damage through defensive fortifications built around it. You need to come up with a tactically sound and actionable war plan. This will require a wise and methodical strategy for deploying troops. You must stick to the planned outcome when using this technique. To protect your tower, you will need the assistance of numerous mythical figures with exceptional abilities. Ancient heroes are unlockable or accessible in higher-tier towers. You will find them there because they repel the enemies who try to assault the tower.

The capability of combining weaponry that is of the same tier to create a more potent one serves as the most notable feature of North Tower. With this feature, players have access to a wide variety of weapons and can employ them effectively in battle. You can expand your armory and improve your fighting skills by using modern equipment with great damage and strength.

Moreover, since fighting big or strong foes is no longer a concern, you can concentrate on taking on bosses and foes without any issues. The heroes also need to upgrade their arsenal to get ready for new regions and new encounters. To do this, you must upgrade their equipment and weapons making them sufficient to tackle all enemies. Raising the army might also boost the total number of soldiers in the field.

Explore these North Tower 3D Game Simulation Features

  • Merge weapons that are with an identical tier to increase their potency and fortify your armory
  • Invade others, expand your territory, and explore lots to amass coins and resources
  • Position the tower carefully to shield it from attackers and bosses
  • Become the strongest force in the game by collecting heroes, constructing fortifications, and defending your tower
  • Discover and collect a boatload of mythical heroes to defend your territory

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