10 of the Best Free FPS Games that Action-Lovers will Enjoy

Posted on October 14, 2022
10 Best Free Fps For Action Lovers

First-person shooter or FPS, is a video game subgenre where the player controls a protagonist and experiences the action from their point of view as they engage in gun- or projectile-based combat. In general, first-person shooters have characteristics in common with contemporary shooter games, which are classified as action games. Since the beginning of the genre, hardware progress has been hampered by the presence of powerful 3D or pseudo-3D graphical aspects, and multiplayer gameplay has been a key component. So today, we bring you some of the best free FPS games you can play with friends or alone!

Top 10 Free FPS Games You Should Play Now

Below is a list of the best FPS games that you will love if you’re a fan of action-packed gameplays;

Call of Duty Mobile

Activision and TiMi Studio Group created and released Call of Duty: Mobile, a free-to-play shooting game based on the iconic franchise. It was one of the biggest mobile game releases ever on October 1, 2019, earning over US$480 million and receiving 270 million downloads in just one year. In multiplayer mode, players have the option of playing ranked or unranked matches. There are two different in-game currencies: “Credits,” which may be obtained by simply playing the game, and “COD Points,” which can be purchased with actual money.

Although some special avatars and weapon skins must be purchased using COD Points, the entire game may be played for free. In addition to conventional matchmaking, players can also access a private area where they can invite and engage in combat with other in-game friends in both battle royale and multiplayer modes.
Call Of Duty Mobile Spiked Hair Soldier


PUBG Mobile

The gameplay in PUBG Mobile is identical to the original PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Depending on the gameplay option chosen before the battle, players may compete solo or in groups of two or four while fighting to be the last person standing after parachuting down to a lonely island. Each match will last about 30 minutes. Before every match, a map is chosen and the game starts with players flying into these maps. After that, you can decide where you want to drop.

The safe zone and the external blue zone are separated from one another after the jet lands. You will find a blue border appearing around the island. Every few minutes, the safe zone gets smaller. So those in the blue region will gradually lose health until they’re at risk of dying. And every time the safe zone decreases, you lose health faster.

Pubg Mobile

Image Source: PUBG Mobile


Bullet Force

Bullet Force is a fantastic first-person shooter with outstanding 3D visuals. Set up a room (with the most players possible, whether it be public or private, etc.) or take part in one and begin shooting. Purchase lethal automatic weapons and RPGs as weapons and accessories! And that’s not even including the fantastic skills that are only available if you achieve kill streaks. Show off your abilities and win the Bullet Force championship.

The lack of exclusive levels, weapons, multiplayer, and a host of other features is not the issue. After all, these elements are present in a lot of other games as well. The manner and zeal with which the Bullet Force was created are what make it so awesome and special. Lucas Wild, a young lad, created Bullet Force because he wanted to make a wonderful game and was not afraid to put time and money into it.
bullet force intense multiplayer combat


Critical Ops

Critical Ops is an online first-person shooter with a long history. As part of a NASA work-study project, three high school students named Steve Colley, Greg Thompson, and Howard Palmer created a program in 1973 that would aid in the visualization of fluid dynamics in spacecraft designs. Valve’s famed Counter-Strike franchise served as an inspiration for Critical Ops, the debut project of independent video game developer Critical Force. The game has certain components that are similar to those in Counter-Strike. The majority of players describe the title as a more casual iteration of the critically renowned series.
critical ops


Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is where you prepare yourself for the best zombie game. In this breathtaking First Person Shooter (FPS) adventure, it’s time for you to stand up and battle for your life amid a zombie apocalypse. Create your own hideout while getting to know the engineer, scientist, smuggler, doctor, and gunsmith. Plan your approach for 33 distinct battles as you unlock ten regions and save the planet from the zombie threat.

Explore extensive narrative campaigns and over 600 gaming conflict scenarios. This game is more than any zombie video game. Discover an arsenal packed with more than 70 different kinds of firearms and eliminate the zombie threat.
Dead Trigger 2 Survival 1024x576 1


Standoff 2

A dynamic first-person shooter, Standoff 2 pays tribute to the heritage of its predecessor. Grab your preferred weapon and engage the standoff together with 200 million similar players from around the globe. Experience realistic animation and graphics. Participate in a team standoff in real time using your PC and enjoy a fluid gaming experience ensured by 120fps support. Explore awesome, detailed maps throughout the globe, from a charming rural community to a top-secret research facility in the mountains.

Your abilities and skill matter in Standoff 2. Playing is made simple by the controls’ intuitiveness and expert calibration. From the beginning, every type of weapon is accessible. Pick your favorite model, then start fighting!



To kill zombies is your single primary goal in the video game UNKILLED. You can accomplish intense combat objectives in the game. You must defeat zombies in each mission while simultaneously advancing the game’s plot. Discovering the cause of the plague is one of your goals, which is included in this. You’ll be motivated to finish assignments by the fascinating tale. The missions are now harder as you go, especially the zombie monsters.

Luckily, you can defeat them by employing the best initial weapon and stronger weapons. You can utilize the game’s numerous different guns in any circumstance. Make sure you have the appropriate tools.
Unkilled Download Free



With June Gaming’s action game MaskGun Multiplayer FPS, you can engage in PVP combat with local or international opponents. Choose from 40 diverse armaments and equip your character with the greatest weaponry to easily defeat your opponents. You’ll learn how difficult it is to fire and kill, but that’s all you need to do. You’ll be inspired to improve your play when you’re surrounded by top FPS players. Remember to finish your tasks and achievements to advance and receive rewards. MaskGun PC is a fascinating FPS multiplayer game where you may personalize your character and enter a 3D environment.
maskgun multiplayer download PC free


Cover Fire: Offline Shooting

The free action shooting game Cover Fire: Offline Shooting was developed and released in 2016. This vintage third-person shooter hailed as, among the best shooters of its day, this competitive title offers a multitude of features for both online and offline gaming.

Since Cover Fire will begin with a brief tutorial, you won’t have to stress about figuring out how to play. This will enable you to fully master the gameplay so that you can use it in the future. You’ll first learn about how the controls operate. Aiming will take up a sizable chunk of the left portion of the interface. Shooting is possible on a lesser area of the right portion of the screen.
Cover Fire Shooting Download Full Version


Gun Shot Fire War

You can only get pumped about the action-packed missions that Gun Shot Fire War provides you. Here, you get to select from three available missions. The first is called “kill terrorists,” and it instructs you to simply kill any terrorists you come across. Another mission requires you to kill zombies. In this battle, the undead stands in for terrorists. The assignment to defuse the bomb is the last one.

The goal of this task is to neutralize the explosive before the timer expires. But be aware that there will likely be terrorists present, so you might need to take care of them first. The levels for each of these quests in Gun Shot Fire War will vary greatly. Additionally, the level gets harder to accomplish as you advance through it.
Gun Shot Fire War Download Pc Free


Which of the Best Free FPS Games Do You Prefer?

If you enjoy free FPS games, then this list is a great start. Of course, not all will be right up your alley. But it will help you find the best ones to enjoy with friends or solo. But if you’re looking for more action-packed games, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.


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