Bullet Force PC - The FPS that Blurred the Line Between Games

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Bullet Force

Blayze Games, L.L.C.


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Version 1.80.0

So, you thought that Call of Duty is not fast-paced enough? You thought that COD is not the most straightforward arcade shooter game you could get your hands on? Turns out that you’re right! With Bullet Force, FPS gaming has never been so action-packed. Are you curious about what made this play hit the mark? Do you want to know why even Counter-Strike Global Offensive will tremble before the greatness of Bullet Force? Then read on to find out more!

Online and Offline Mode

Sadly, you can’t play most Call of Duty games online. This is worsened by the fact that you have to download hundreds of gigabytes of data even if all you want is to play online multiplayer! This is exactly where this thrill game comes in.

With its robust player-versus-bots offline mode, Bullet Force Unblocked serves as the perfect way to quench your thirst to shoot virtual people in the head. Assign the AIs to teams, adjust the difficulty sliders, and you are good to go! It’s either you fill the bots with holes or you get filled with holes. Either way, Bullet Force unblocked is here for you.

Indie Dev, Indie Game, But AAA Quality

Bullet Force may not be the best game in terms of graphics, but it does rival the likes of COD in terms of gameplay. Featuring the iconic arcade shooting aspects of Call of Duty and other FPS games, Bullet Force continues to be the king of lightweight FPS games.

Do not underestimate the game itself just because it is developed by an indie studio. You should not even think about mocking the game because it does not have millions of dollars for the production budget. It may be an indie game, but it occupies a niche that no AAA game can conquer. Specifically, the game reigns supreme because of its small download size and accessibility.

Bullet Force is a product of the imagination of the creator of Plated Glory and Forward assault. The guy may be a solo developer, but he’s definitely a one-man-development-army.

How Accessible is Bullet Force?

You can play this match right at this very moment! All you need is your computer, an internet connection to download the game and Bahm! You can even play Bullet Force at school, office, or wherever you are! The game is unblocked after all. In addition to this, the simple mechanics of Bullet Force lets even kids learn the game with ease.

Moreover, iy may be a simple game, but it does not necessarily mean that it deprives you of choices on how to enjoy the game. With its four modes of play, Bullet Force is truly a gaming force to try out with. The modes include Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Free-For-All, and Gun Game, all with their different flavors. Our Editor’s pick is conquest mode where players and bots fight in an all-out battle, but feel free to explore the entire game to see what you like best.

Best Free Features of Bullet Force on PC:

  • Detailed structure to conduct your firefight
  • Different modes for you to play
  • Free download on your PC
  • Unique mechanics for casual gaming
  • More free features to explore

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