5 Best Battle Royale PC Games

Posted on July 11, 2021
Battle royale game play

When you think of competitive and action-packed shooting games, battle royale PC games are the first genre that would usually come to mind. Why not? Battle royale games provide very competitive gameplay. It’s a game where you get to compete with 99 other players in a battle of survival. Usually, the concept is all 100 players will go to an island where the playable area constantly shrinks after a certain period.

Typically, all players will go to an island either armed only with their fists or a knife. But, fortunately, the island is stacked with various weapons, gear, and items that you can use for surviving. This means you’ll have to explore the island and arm yourself to help you survive and win the match. The ultimate goal in a battle royale game is to emerge as the last player or team standing.

It’s an exciting game that’s full of action, amazing gameplay, awesome teamwork, and cooperation. This is why there are many different battle royale games available for you to play since it’s very popular among players who prefer an immersive playground. But with a lot of different battle royale PC games to play, which one do you think is the best? To help with that, this blog post will identify the 5 best battle royale games you can play right now.

Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys offers a fun and competitive battle royale gameplay experience. Players compete in various challenges with other players, starting with a group of 32 players. The goal is to be the first to reach the finish line and advance to the next challenge. The player who successfully completes the challenges and outcompetes the other players will be deemed the winner.

An appealing aspect of Stumble Guys is the ability to customize options. Players can choose which demographic they want to play with by selecting a specific server located in any continent where players reside.


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Call of Duty Mobile

Another great battle royale PC game that you can play is Call of Duty Mobile. It follows the typical battle royale gameplay where 100 players are sent to the island for a battle of survival. But instead of starting with only fists, you will start with a knife. Another thing that’s great about the battle royale of COD Mobile is that you’ll have access to class skills. They’re skills that can provide you with an advantage during the game.


battle royale CODM

Image Source: Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Gameplay


There’s a skill that will allow you to call zombies, launch through the air, become invisible, and more. This adds another layer to the battle royale gameplay, making it more fun and exciting to play. COD Mobile also has other equally exciting and entertaining game modes, so this game is surely worth playing.

Rules of Survival

Before PUBG Mobile started to dominate the battle royale genre in mobile, Rules of Survival was the game that was popular on the mobile platform. And even with PUBG Mobile now becoming available, Rules of Survival is a game that’s still worth playing. What’s interesting about this game is that it has one of the biggest maps available when it comes to battle royale gaming.

The game’s 8×8 km map will allow up to 300 players to play in the game. This provides very unique and action-packed gameplay. Imagine 300 players all vying for the title of the last player standing? It can’t get any more fun than that.

Garena Free Fire

If Rules of Survival offers one of the largest maps when it comes to battle royale, then Garena Free Fire has one of the smallest. This game doesn’t offer the usual battle royale gameplay since you’ll only battle for survival against 49 other players. However, the great thing about its smaller map and fewer players is that matches will last shorter. You can quickly finish a match in under 10 minutes that allows you to play many matches in just a short time.

This is also a battle royale game where you can acquire characters. Each character possesses unique skills and abilities that can provide you an advantage during matches. It’s a fun battle royale PC game that you will definitely enjoy.

Creative Destruction

Last, but certainly not the least on this list is Creative Destruction. It’s a building battle royale PC game that is very similar to Fortnite where you can craft and destroy things. This adds another unique layer to the battle royale gameplay. The ability to craft things can be a huge advantage, especially if you use it properly. It’s exciting and fun gameplay that you will definitely love.

There are many more battle royale games available for you to play. But the 5 mentioned in this blog post are considered the best of the best. If you want to get started with the right battle royale game, then start with this list. Also available for PC download!

creative destruction gameplay team 1024x576 1

creative destruction gameplay team 1024×576 1

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