The Awesome & Fun io Games You Can Play On PC

Posted on June 1, 2021

Not all multiplayer games are intense and action-packed. There are many out there that are more laid back and casual to play. But this doesn’t mean that they aren’t competitive. Take the io games, for example, they’re real-time online multiplayer games that you can play with other players from all over the world. Their gameplays are usually simple and very easy to learn.

Nevertheless, they’re also very competitive, as every player in the game will likely try to go for the position of a top player. Io games are great games that will entertain you and keep your competitive spirits up when you play them. There are many different io games that you can play right now, whether on PC or mobile. But with so many io games available for you to play, which among them are the best ones?

To help you decide the best io games that you can play on PC, read this blog post. It will provide a list of great io games that you can play any time on a PC.

The Best io Games You Can Play on a PC




One of the best io games for PC that you can play is Worms It’s like playing the old mobile snake game where you get bigger as you eat in the game. This game has similar gameplay to that where you will start small but get bigger and longer as you eat. But since Worms is a multiplayer game, you won’t be alone in trying to eat and grow. So, it will be much more difficult to achieve the top score in this game.

But you can eliminate opponents and then consume what they ate to help you get bigger quicker. To do that, you just need to block their path. If they hit your body they die. Of course, this also means you die if you hit their body. It’s a fun game that offers two game modes, Time and Infinity.

Another good io game that you can play on PC is It’s like a tank game but instead of actual tanks, you’ll use polygonal tanks. What’s great about this io game is that it offers many different game modes. There’s Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Tag Mode. Regardless of the game mode you will choose, the gameplay of this io game is simple. You shoot enemies and objects to earn points, then use the points to upgrade your polygon tank. is a fun multiplayer game. It’s also a bit different from the usual io games so this is a great game to play if you want something different.

If you want another unique and fun io game, then is the game that you should play. In this game, you play the role of a hole and you just have to gobble up everything that will fit the hole. You also grow bigger as you consume more. The game also offers many different game modes. But for the multiplayer part, the goal usually is to end the game with the highest points, which basically means the player who consumed the most. will also have many different types of holes for you to complete, which adds to the awesomeness of the game. It’s a unique game that you will definitely enjoy playing.

If you prefer the gameplay of the usual io games, then you should also try It’s a typical io game where you will go to an arena and compete with other players. But instead of trying to eat them or prevent yourself from being eaten, you compete for space. That’s right! The goal here is to have the biggest territory in the arena. You just start with a small territory and then expand it.

You leave behind a trail that marks the line where your territory will end. Then, you just have to close back to your original territory and the spaces inside become your territory. But be careful being killed since you can still be eliminated here or eliminate others. It’s an entertaining io game that’s worth playing.

Of course, no list of best io games will be complete without the game that kind-of started all the craze. is the one that introduced people to this type of gameplay. In this game, you play the role of a cell and your goal is to grow. To do that, you eat small cells around you. You can also eat cells that are smaller than you to grow faster.

But since this is a real-time game, it means you will encounter bigger cells. Bigger cells mean bigger eaters so you need the help of viruses in the arena to hide so you won’t be eaten. Cells that are bigger than the virus will shrink down in size. You will also have the ability to split into two smaller cells, which can be a useful ability. It’s an interesting game and here you’ll see why the io game has become popular.

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