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Death Tour- Racing Action Game - Become an Action Racing Game Hero

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Death Tour On Pc

Death Tour – Racing Action Game

Developer: GreenPixel Ltd

Category: Racing


If you’re fond of playing exciting racing games and shooting games, then you should not miss playing Death Tour- Racing Action Game. This racing game is known as one of the intense racing action games. Here, you can experience breathtaking graphics, drive the most classic cars, and equip them with deadly guns.

Published by GreenPixel Ltd, Death Tour Game offers a fantastic combination of racing and shooting genres. It’s your call! Choose your path; be an action hero or a hunted gangster. So, are you ready to immerse yourself in an enormous racing plus shooting game? Buckle up your virtual seatbelts and get rid of your enemies now!

Death Tour Game – Your Chosen Path

In playing the Death Tour Game, you can immerse yourself in two exciting game modes; the Story-Driven and the Survival Mode. If you choose to become an action hero, you better test your prowess by playing the Story-Driven campaign, where you’ll witness a gangster-style criminal scenario. Here, you’ll be tasked to deliver a highly valuable cargo. But don’t be too confident because your enemies hunt you. So, set your car at full speed, activate your weapons, and don’t let anyone bring you down. You’ll get a chance to unveil what’s inside the briefcase and take down the cold-blooded assassins.

On the other hand, Death Tour- Racing Action Game also offers a vigorous survival mode where you need to get through a Demolition Derby and try your best to defeat your enemies with your epic weapons. You can choose to drive classic cars like Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford Hot Rod, Porsche, Solvent Volga, and Hippie Van. With indestructible engines, frames, body kits, and bumpers, you can also modify your preferred car.

Death Tour – More than a Racing Game

What’s more impressive about Death Tour is that you can add killer weapons to your cars, such as stingers, guided spider drones, self-guided supersonic ram, and loads of insane arsenals that you can use to take down your enemies. Once you’ve tried playing Death Tour, you’ll surely realistically experience the highly-detailed graphics and incredible special effects that will make your gameplay experience more enjoyable.

Overall, this racing game is filled with action on the streets. Apart from that, it features advanced physics and lifelike unusual backgrounds that you have never seen before.

Death Tour- Racing Action Game Features

  • An intense yet explosive action racing game
  • Excellent graphics, special effects, and advanced physics
  • Prove your prowess in two game modes – Story-Driven and Survival Campaign
  • Choose from the best classical cars offered
  • Equipped your car with devastating epic weapons
  • Upgrade and modify your car
  • Witness various unusual backgrounds

Get thrilled with the adrenaline-pumping gameplay of Death Tour Game! For more intensifying racing games, you can alternatively check out games like Demolition Derby 3 and Drive Ahead! – Fun Car Battles on your PC. Are you checking out for more free games? Download all your favorite games here in EmulatorPC.

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