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Empire: Age of Knights - Be the Fearsome Knight in a Royal Empire

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Empire Age Of Knights Free Full Version

Empire: Age of Knights – Fantasy MMO Strategy Game

Developer: Goodgame Studios

Category: Strategy


Are you thinking of a game set during medieval times where empires were well-known? Well, you should try playing the MMO game Empire: Age of Knights. In this game, you will embark on your journey to become the most potent knight and transform your empire into a glorious one.

Published by Goodgame Studios, this strategy game aims players to prove their prowess in economic skills, trading, and boosting the castle, leading to its prosperity. Also, you need to explore the hideous secrets of the exploration map and find legendary treasures, but keep yourself safe from the deadly Orcs.

Create the Greatest Empire

You will be set in a single small settlement and be a knight as you start the game. The gameplay depicts a combination of strategy and dwelling development, bringing new features, making the entire game more distinct and unique.

In this game, you will start in a small location, and eventually, you need to grow and expand it and deal with new buildings. As part of progression, you are required to gather the necessary resources.

Aside from expanding the empire, it would help if you also build an army to defend your base and help you attack the enemies. Mainly, the focal point of this game is the medieval castles, expand them, and specialize yourself either trading or military perspective.

As you progress in the game, you can turn your small castles into a beautiful empire by utilizing more than 80 buildings. Part of the creation of the kingdom is discovering new realms, trading resources, unleashing secrets, and more.

Becoming the Best Knight in This Tower Defense Game

The winning strategy of the game is either you battle with other knights or trade with them. It’s your call. Do you want peace or war? It’s up to you as long as you focus on your aim—to be the best knight you wish to be.

You can be the best tradesmen and specialize in trading goods and resources with various players and merchants in the marketplace. Or be the most compelling warlord and defeat your enemies with your tight grasp.

You can also form alliances with friends, win epic battles, and dominate the enormous interactive world map. So, are your tactics and strategies ready? Well, let’s see what you’ve got by playing this immersive strategy game on your PC now!

Main Features You Should Look Forward To

  • Create and modify your own medieval empire
  • Choose your strategy: fight or trade
  • Explore the world, unleash new realms, treasures, and secrets
  • Construct your empire with over 80 various buildings
  • Forge mighty alliances with friends and dominate the map

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