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Infinity Kingdom - Conquer the City & Defend Norheim

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Infinity Kingdom:Save the Dog

Developer: Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

Category: Strategy


Welcome to Infinity Kingdom, a cartoon-style MMO strategy game that will take you on an epic adventure. Are you ready to embark on a journey to defend Norheim against evil gnomes and protect yourself from other invading players? If so, strap on your armor and summon powerful Immortals to fight for your cause.

Infinity Kingdom – Build Your City & Defeat the Gnomes

Infinity Kingdom is a game that tests your strategic skills and decision-making abilities. Your ultimate goal is to rebuild the city, grow, build, and train faster to put it all on the line against your enemies. You must customize your perfect team and sharpen your strategies to claim victory over your foes.

But first, you must overcome the Gnomes who are wreaking havoc on the land in the Infinity Kingdom. The alchemists are willing to help you reconstruct the City so that people might come and find safety there. Rebuilding the city will help your people survive, and in doing so, you will gain powerful allies to aid you in your quest. It’s your task to vanquish the gnomes and put an end to the conflict in the area.

As you play Infinity Kingdom online, immortals are ready to join your cause! You will have the help of more than 50 strong Immortals from various cultures as you take the city. They will defend your interests by using their powerful talents. Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Merlin, and Robin Hood are just some legendary figures you can summon to join your forces.

However, Immortals are not the only force you can call upon. Epic Dragons are essential to the Infinity Kingdom and are crucial in helping you claim victory over your enemies. The seven diverse types of elemental dragons that dwell in the legendary dragon cave can only be awakened by the most valiant warriors. If you raise them properly once they are awake, they will grow up to be vicious warriors. Assigning your dragon with the same element as Immortals will activate exclusive buffs of the elemental unit during battles!

Discover the History of Norheim & Save it From its Foes

Exploration is key in the Infinity Kingdom and Ruins. Exploration is necessary to learn the history of Norheim. Send your scouts to the ruins to examine and gather stele shards for the monuments in your domain. A limitless reward is waiting for you in this thrilling adventure!

In the Infinity Kingdom game, you play a resourceful lord who must protect himself from other players while defending Norheim from the terrible gnomes. Infinity Kingdom is a game of strategic planning and resource management. As you progress in the game, your skills will improve, and you will better understand the resources you need to use and the strategies you need to employ to win.

Are you ready to conquer the city and discover the history of Norheim? Play the Infinity Kingdom online, and help save the land of Norheim from the evil gnomes. It’s up to you how the world turns out. Will you be victorious and restore peace to the land? Challenge yourself and your friends to enter the world of Infinity Kingdom and see who can earn the title of Overlord!

Compelling Infinity Kingdom Game Features

    • Cartoon-style MMO strategy game defending Norheim
    • Customize team and sharpen strategies for victory
    • Rebuild, grow, build, and train to fight enemies
    • Over 50 Immortals from different civilizations
    • 7 types of elemental dragons
    • Ruins exploration to discover Norheim’s history

Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure and conquer the city in the Infinity Kingdom? Play the game now on your PC and experience a game unlike any other, or browse our website for more strategy games to test your skills. The fate of Norheim is in your hands, join the battle and become the Overlord today! You can also play Kingdom Clash – Legions Battle and Throne: Kingdom at War.

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