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Eternal Fantasia


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Take a nostalgic trip towards the part as the retro-styled Eternal Fantasia makes its way to the PC. Now you can relive those pixelated moments of past games in this unique RPG straight from your computer. Take control of memorable characters and venture into an action-packed 2D adventure world with your friends and family. Become the ultimate adventurer by showing off your strategies and unlocking your abilities today!

An Epic Adventure Across Eternia at Eternal Fantasia

Eternal Fantasia is a freemium adventure role-playing game developed and published by SKYENTERTAINMENT in 2020. This modern rendition of the classic pixelated RPGs of the past takes players on an epic adventure across the world of Eternia. In Eternal Fantasia, players will have the chance to assemble, synergize, and organize a team of heroes from various disciplines. Each character comes with its own unique skills and abilities that players can use in exploring various challenges like monster raids, towers, and dungeons. On top of that, players can also engage in epic battles against their friends, family, or random players across the globe in multi-class real-time PVP battles. The best part is that players will be able to customize their strategies through the game’s Link Ability system. All of these exciting features are wrapped in high-definition pixelated graphics and awesome audio.

Since its official launch, Eternal Fantasia has managed to accumulate thousands of downloads on the Android platform alone. The game also received hundreds of accolades from players across the globe. With that said, now is your chance to play this awesome and exciting game on your computer. 

Embark on a Majestic Pixel Adventure

Eternal Fantasia is full of challenging content that will truly test your prowess. You must assemble and synergize the best party to undergo various game modes such as Monster Raid, PvP, Tower, and Dungeon. Once you start, your team must form a distinct connection by changing the order of your shots. You can only do that if you utilize the unique skills of your characters. In other words, you’re required to become more strategic while you change your timing and order of skills. Through that, you’ll be able to change the results.

In Eternal Fantasia, you will find the typical system that you find in the usual RPGs. You’ll need to upgrade your characters and their equipment, rank up their levels, and boost their skills. With the tons of unique game styles available, you can create a winning party while unlocking exciting stories!

Eternal Fantasia Features:

  • Immersive Pixelated Adventure RPG 
  • Over 30 Heroes to Collect
  • Link Ability System
  • Tons of Challenges and Contents
  • Incredible Party Members with Unique Styles

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