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Grimlight – A Tale of Dreams


Category: Casual, Role playing


A new beginning awaits you in a realm of fantasy and fairy tales in Grimlight – A Tale of Dreams. Discover why the mysterious Dreamless destroy all life forms and swallow the universe into an everlasting emptiness. Embark your way to the mystery of the Phantasia world today!

Grimlight – Save Phantasia from Destruction

The universe of Phantasia, which is filled with both wonder and mystery, is carried by Grimlight. This RPG game from EIGHT STUDIO allows the player to experience dreams and fairy tales. Users have the power to dispel the darkness that revolves around the land. The shadowy entities known as Dreamless devastated the world by submerging it and all living things in it into the void. So, it’s time to use Grimlight heroes to save the world.

This is a light-hearted game set in the Phantasia universe. These enigmatic realms have been invaded by evil beings known as the Dreamless, who wish to engulf the globe in darkness and emptiness. Now those Dominion lords who had once guarded the kingdoms had become corrupt. Eventually, they lost their sense of logic and rationality. They have been reduced to little more than charred remains of their previous selves. The only person who can drive out the shadows and summon legendary heroes through shards of their former memories is the Dreamer. Only you can prevent the world from falling into unending destruction.

Here, each character has been drawn in the finest manga styles using anime illustrations. They are freely customizable based on your demands, and you can unlock them at the end of each level.

Defeat the Dreamless in Grimlight!

Grimlight – A Tale of Dreams is an anime-inspired game with fairy tale protagonists. You can learn about the lives of these heroes because you are one of the Grimlight players who have been entrusted with the Dreamstone’s power. Therefore, you are free to call in your allies and give your best to help save the world from the dreamless.
You can use characters from classic fairy tales to defend Phantasia from the terrifying and intriguing Dreamless. By obtaining characters, you can also learn about and explore their backstories. Unlock characters who have beautiful animations made by talented animators. Obtain a variety of weapons and accessories to equip and customize your heroes.

In every dungeon, you can find many items that are frequently quite hard to find. You ought to be conscious that the heroes you recruit do not evolve with your other characters; rather, you can upgrade them by beating dungeons. Gold is the primary currency in the game. If you do not want to invest all of your energy in producing gold every day, experts recommend storing it from the start. You shouldn’t spend any money upgrading items you won’t use for a while. You also shouldn’t have enough weapons to arm all of your heroes.

Unlock the Following Game Features:

  • An immersive narrative
  • Highly-detailed environments
  • Anime-inspired characters
  • Explosive battle system
  • Solid upgrade structure

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