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Line Rangers Overlord On Pc

LINE Rangers

Developer: LINE Corporation

Category: Strategy


Join LINE Rangers PC, the epic tower-defense game developed by LINE Corporation. In this game, the ultimate objective is to save Sally, the gorgeous princess, from the grasp of the malevolent Alien Army. The game has a freemium model and is filled with exciting features such as event tie-ups, PvP battles, Ranger enhancement, teamplay, and so much more.

The Ultimate Tower Defense Game

The game features Brown, Sally, Cony, Moon, James, and other iconic LINE characters, each with unique skills and abilities. You need to deploy your Rangers from the Tower and defeat the enemy Tower to rescue Sally. Using skills and items will give you an edge in battles. Strengthen your Rangers by engaging them in battles and merging them with other Rangers to level up their abilities. Collect various materials, weapons, armor, and accessories to enhance the attributes of your army.

Unlike traditional tower defense games, the LINE Ranger game has a unique gameplay setup. Each tower serves as a fort for each of the two opposing parties in each round. The game also has a leveling system that allows players to combine same-grade Rangers to speed up the leveling process. The “Hurry-Up” mode boosts the ATK of Rangers after crossing the three-minute battle threshold.

A Guide on Playing LINE Rangers

Playing LINE Rangers on PC is simple yet challenging. To commence, dispatch your Rangers, namely Brown, Cony, Moon, and James, from the Tower, triumph over the enemy Tower, and rescue Sally. Master the timing and strategy of deploying your Rangers and make full use of their skills and items by tapping them. Increasing your Rangers’ levels and fusing them with other Rangers is important to win battles.

Participating in PVP battles enables players to assess their abilities and challenge adversaries from all over the world. But Ranger development is also crucial to success, which why is leveling up your Rangers is important. It is also possible to enhance your Rangers’ strength by providing them with weapons, armor, and accessories. Acquiring evolution materials and employing them to fortify your Rangers is a valuable approach to elevate your gaming experience in LINE Rangers on PC.

To sum up, downloading LINE Rangers for PC is highly recommended as it offers delightful gameplay, distinct characteristics, and charming characters that will continuously captivate you. Don’t hesitate any longer! Download the game immediately and embark on an incredible adventure to save Sally from the clutches of the alien army. 

LINE Rangers PC Unique Features

  • Over 400 characters are available
  • Each character has distinct outfits to make them stand out
  • Challenge opponents worldwide in PVP battles
  • Enhance your Rangers by leveling up and evolving them
  • Participate in team play with LINE Friends
  • Constant tie-ups events with well-known characters

Get ready to defend your tower and join the battle today by playing LINE Rangers on EmulatorPC! With over 400 unique characters, PVP battles, team play, and event tie-ups, you won’t want to miss out on the action. Plus, if you enjoy strategy games like Steampunk Defense: Tower Defense and Lords Mobile: Tower Defense, you’ll love LINE Rangers. Download now and start your epic tower defense adventure!

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