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Fort Conquer – A Tower Defense Game Packed with Savage Monsters

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Fort Conquer Free Full Version

Fort Conquer

Developer: DroidHen

Category: Strategy


Fort Conquer is a game where monsters in waves are approaching your territory. The goal is to build a loyal army and prepare them for combat. It is your mission to defend your fortress whilst conquering the opposing fort. Dominate your enemies by evolving various species of monsters and defending your fort. Become a better strategist by excelling in this tower defense game today!

A Tower Defense Game Packed with Monsters

In Fort Conquer, the player’s goal is to use and control their animals for both offense and defense. They need to simultaneously attack the enemy citadel and defend their region from wild animals. An army of devoted, strong, and exceptional pets will be created, managed, and developed by players. They will then use their built structure and leadership to strengthen the army. The animals in your army have various abilities, so choosing which one to deploy in battle requires thought.

The game’s graphics are gorgeous and have cartoony edges. The game’s animals have sharp, fierce, and menacing appearances, and they are eager to engage in battle. The precise effects and dramatic battles in the game produce epic soundscapes for players to enjoy. There are also a variety of battle scenarios, powerful visuals, and compelling audio effects. Players select who will win or lose by exploring, training, and engaging in a fight with their pet and other opponents. Fort Conquer offers players a wealth of fresh perspectives, exciting moments, excellent entertainment, and satisfaction. The combat is also meant to be fiercely competitive and engaging.

Beat Boss Stages & Dominate Boss Stages in Fort Conquer

Fort Conquer is a strategy and defense game where players must secure their fort from assaults by various mythological beasts, including dragons, reptiles, titans, and many more. To do that, you will have a lot of other creatures’ assistance to help you. You will have the ability to develop your monsters to enhance their strength and boost several of their traits, such as the health bar, attack power, or agility. It is the player who decides what “direction” the monster’s extremities and body will develop in; with neither of these processes occurring automatically. For instance, with wolf paws, you can make dragons among others.

So, the objective is to stop attackers from successfully using these animals to demolish your fort. You do not, however, have a limitless supply, therefore you must use caution when producing the number of monsters. In a similar vein, you must decide which animal or pet your attacker will employ against you. Animals and pets both approach battle with similar enthusiasm, so picking the proper animal to fight becomes just as crucial as picking the right pet.

Download Fort Conquer & Unleash these Game Features

  • Evolve various types of monsters to produce dominant species
  • Discover other monster variants scattered around the game
  • Experience multiple-row tower defense gameplay
  • Feast your eyes on the game’s stunning graphics and amazing audio
  • Challenge yourself to epic battles in boss stages

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