Pixel Gun 3D – The Action-Packed Shooting Game You’ll Enjoy

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Pixel Gun 3D

Developer: Pixel Gun 3D

Category: Action

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Version 21.1.2

Shooting games are usually the go-to of people who are looking for competitive multiplayer gaming. Players can get a bit intense in these types of games, so they’re a great option for competitive gaming. One of the best shooting games you can download and play right now is Pixel Gun 3D. Get it here for free at EmulatorPC.

Ecstatic Shooting Game to Play

Pixel Gun 3D is an action shooting game that offers a variety of game modes for you to choose from. Since its release in 2013 until today, it still remains to be one of the top multiplayer shooting games to play.

What’s great about this game is that it’s more than just a shooting game. You can find various mini-games to play here. There’s the Parkour Challenge, Glider Rush, Racing, Impostor, and so on. There are also other shooting games in the mini-game like the Sniper Tournament. These mini-games are what make Pixel Gun 3D such a great game to play, despite the block graphics.

Let’s discuss in the next section how to play Pixel Gun 3D.

How To Play Pixel Gun 3D

When you first play Pixel Gun 3D, you are given a few weapons to use as a starter. However, you will only get these weapons after completing the short tutorial, which will teach you the basic controls of the game. Getting weapons is important since it’s what you will use when you play in the various shooting game modes. This goes the same for the armor or skin of your character. The only exception to this is the battle royale game mode.

Pixel Gun’s battle royale is similar to other battle royale games. Players will be sent to an island without any weapons or armor. They will have to scour the island to find guns and armor to use. To acquire new weapons, armor, and even pets, you will need coins or gems to get them. Coins can be earned whenever you play the game, especially if you happen to be the first place in those games.

Winning in mini-games can also result in earning more coins, so try to win as many games as you can. Completing the campaign is also a good way to earn coins. Meanwhile, gems are more difficult to earn, but it’s still possible. To earn gems, you need to level up, finish secret campaigns, watch ads, and so on. Once you have enough coins or gems, you can use them to purchase weapons and skins.

Main Features to Experience in Pixel Gun 3D

  • Different game modes are available to play
  • Play other game genres on minigames
  • Join clans and meet new people
  • More than 50+ beautiful maps to explore
  • Collect more than 30+ weapons and tools

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