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Plague Inc.


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If you are deeply affected by the current pandemic, you will surely understand the core concept of Plague Inc. This game depicts a combination of terrifying realistic simulation and the implementation of strategies. In the beginning, the disease you create will already infect Patient Zero. Then, your goal is to wipe out humanity by making sure the disease you made spreads around the world and will evolve to a point that it becomes hard to eradicate.

Play A Game Where You Can Spread A Deadly Disease

Your main goal is to transmit the pathogen and spread it out in every human on Earth. First, you need to pick a country. From there, you will develop the virus into an extremely contagious epidemic that can result in death. As you infect more countries, you will earn DNA points that enable you to add more elements to the pathogen like the capacity to be transmitted to animals or create more lethal symptoms like insanity or organ failure.

Developed by, Plague Inc. features various ways to spread diseases based on the economic status and environmental factors of a country. However, it would be best if you combat the approaches of humans who will fight back the disease. Countries can lock down international travel, boost hygiene habits, and invest in research to find a cure. Hence, there’s a chance for them to slow down the spread and progression of the disease.

Start A Plague In Various Game Modes

There are four game modes in the Plague Inc. game—the bacteria, virus, fungus, and parasite modes. For bacteria mode, you can start spreading your pathogen in China, Greenland, and Madagascar. You can use insects in transmitting the pathogen. Under this mode, making your pathogen more viral than deadly will make it more effective because you might kill the infected ones before they can spread out the virus.

Next, in virus mode, you need to be keen on the evolution of genes. Although it is highly recommended to have a Catalytic Switch, it can be safer to go with Translesion+. However, if you go with the Mega Brutal mode, you need to work out the symptoms and go with Sympto-Stasis efficiently.

In Fungus mode, the pathogen will work slowly. With that said, you need to look for an animal or a location that can speed up the transmission. It is recommended to mutate symptoms like Nausea, Rash, Cysts, Sweating, and more. Though this mode depicts a tougher plague, it will be best to save the game, especially when things are not working out well.

Lastly, the parasite mode is easy and exciting to play. Like fungus, this mode is a slow burn game, and you need to utilize special abilities to overcome higher difficulty levels. So, you better plan your strategies to spread the disease in many countries and wipe out the human race!

Plague Inc PC Game Features

  • Advanced AI system with comprehensive help and tutorial system
  • Engineer the development of 12 different diseases
  • Use effective strategies to out win over scientists who are making a cure.

You should focus on diseases with deadly symptoms such as organ failure and coma. For faster transmission of the pathogen, you can choose Extreme Bioaerosol. This will make the pathogen move through without delay. Again, don’t forget that the main goal of this simulation game is to wipe out the world before a cure is completely developed.

So, make sure you infect enough people and evolve symptoms to really fatal ones. If this game is too dark for you, you can opt for other simulation games where you can live your best life like Avakin Life – 3D virtual world or The Sims™ FreePlay.

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