Soul Knight PC - A New Kind of Adventure For Gamers

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Soul Knight

Developer: ChillyRoom

Category: Action


Wield guns and brandish swords. While you’re at it, you can go ahead and sling some spells. With Soul Knight, the future and the fantasy worlds you knew and loved will combine into an epic shooter experience. Are you curious about everything else that Soul Knight has to offer? Then read on to find out more!

A Roguelike Game with A Soul

Forget about stories that will make you teary-eyed. Never mind whatever excuses Roguelike devs throw at you to bring you to battle because Soul Knight is different. Soul Knight desktop sheds all of the useless husks that bloat lots of roguelike games. There is no such thing as an award-worthy story because the game will put you straight into the gunfight. Let’s be honest, you’re probably playing roguelike games for quick runs of action, strategy, and whatever instant fun it offers. In short, its gameplay is the soul of Roguelike games!

In Soul Knight, you will dive straight into the action that resembles Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon. It is also similar to Binding of Isaac in terms of some mechanics. Ultimately, Soul Knight is a quick Roguelike that features its unique mechanics.

What Sets It Apart from Other Roguelikes

Soul Knight Unblocked is best known for its quick sessions. A session can start and end in less than ten minutes, thus lessening the frustration brought by dying. Of course, your runs can last longer if you do well, so both casual and hardcore players will enjoy it.

At its core, Soul Knight PC is a shooter that allows you to wield guns, staves, and even melee weapons. The vast amount of weapons give you infinite combinations, assuming that you can get your hands on these loots. There are a total of 290 weapons in the game. If you are a completionist, the game can occupy you for some time. Added to the complexity is the presence of random buffs that you can integrate into your strategy.

Unlike other roguelike shooters, Soul Knight lets you focus on dodging enemy bullets. This is because your shots are automated. This is because the dungeons in Soul Knight aren’t as spacious as those of other roguelikes. Hence, you have less space you can use to dodge, requiring a streamlined form of control. As of this writing, there are about 290 weapons you can find in the game. Surely, it will take you hundreds of runs before you can find and test all these weapons!

There are tons of other weapons in the game and they all work in different synergies. For instance, shotguns are best used if one of your random buffs is a shotgun buff. Your output will be better if you have a buff that improves the damage type of whatever weapon you have! While it is tempting to just go for the best weapons, powerful weapons consume energy. If you run out of energy, you’re as good as dead.

NPCs Actually Matter in This Game

You can hire NPCs as bodyguards and buddies. While these guys are not as good as you are, they can fend for themselves. They can even save you when you are recharging energy! In addition to the NPCs, you can own a pet that fights alongside you. There are tons of pets to collect, but they are all mechanically the same. As you play, you can unlock various Soul Knights complete with their sets of skills and synergies. This way, you’ll have runs where your choices are biased to choose certain weapons that synergize with your soul knight.

Soul Knight PC Game Features

  • Unlock various Soul Knights.
  • Over 290 weapons to use.
  • Awesome NPC Bodyguards.
  • Free-to-play on PC.

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