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Tennis Clash On Pc

Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game

Developer: Wildlife Studios

Category: Multiplayer, Simulation, Sports


If you love sports and are always on the prowl for a competitive game that you can play on PC, then Tennis Clash should be on your list. Enjoy endless hours of fun and competitive tennis gameplay with your friends and family without the need to leave your home. Engage in fast-paced matches and earn tons of loot. Collect various items and customize your character with authentic tennis equipment. Become the best player in the game by dominating each match and the global leaderboard. Lets experience one of the best tennis simulations in the comfort of your PC!

Become a Tennis Champion Online

Tennis Clash is a freemium sports simulation multiplayer game developed and published by Wildlife Studio for mobile in 2019. This is an arcade video game version of the sport which means that matches are not as lengthy as the original game. Tennis Clash, as the title suggests, provides fans with a user-friendly platform where they can play short rounds of tennis.

Matches are played in Arenas that come with a specific set of rules and stakes. Each arena comes with a level requirement to access. In addition, the game also comes with a solid progression system that provides players the freedom to improve the attributes of their character. Speaking of characters, players will have a chance to collect 10 unique and upgradable characters. Making the experience even more fun and exciting is the collection of over 50 items that can help improve the stats of each character.

Moreover, Tennis Clash still comes with all the basic elements commonly seen in an online game. One example is the solid interaction system that allows players to communicate with their friends while in the game. Another is the Club feature that provides players the option to build or join tennis guilds.

Furthermore, Tennis Clash features high-definition graphics, realistic physics, fluid animation, and a solid reward system. Since its official launch, the game has managed to accumulate over 60 million installs and an overall gameplay rating of 4.37/5 on the Android platform alone. So, if you think that you have the skills to become the king of Tennis Clash, then, all you need to do is follow the download instructions provided on this page.

Dominate Tennis Clash from your PC

After downloading, Tennis Clash will take you straight to the practice arena the moment you open it. Do take note that this game comes with swipe controls. This means that you need to use your mouse to execute swipe gestures if you are not using a touchscreen PC.

Moving forward, Tennis Clash is all about winning matches, unlocking characters, collecting trophies, and acquiring items. Always keep your eye not only on the ball but on the attributes of your character. Other than that, just enjoy the overall gameplay.

Tennis Clash Game Features

  • Well-balanced multiplayer matchmaking feature
  • Solid gameplay structure similar to the real tennis sports
  • Highly-detailed arenas to play with
  • Play event mini-games

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