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Truco Blyts – Classic Tricktaking Game with a Twist

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Truco Blyts On Pc

Truco Blyts

Developer: Blyts

Category: Cards


Welcome to Truco Blyts or Truco, a card game built on deception and misdirection to maximize the use of cards. Play with your pals or meet new people globally. Climb your way up the ranks by beginning at the absolute bottom. Play and converse with fresh Truqueros and Truqueras. Rise to the top of the leaderboards. Have fun competing and chatting with your family, friends, and random gamers across the globe from your PC.

Compete, Chat, and Create

Truco Blyts is a well-known trick-taking card game created by Blyts. It has Spanish origins and its name comes from Valencian Truque, also known as truc. The game has two phases. and is well-known throughout Latin America. Most likely, you’ll play with a Spanish deck and win by trickery.

To win a Chico, you must accumulate 30 points—15 good, 15 bad—in order to do so. The match is won after two Chico victories. In the event that the initial two Chicos get tied, you will know the winner in the third and final round. Challenge more than 180 computer-generated virtual characters, each with its own unique personality, set of playing techniques, and amusing backstories.

The game also allows the player to create a tournament, compete seamlessly in a national tour, or play casually against friends from a first-person perspective. All of these exciting features are wrapped in high-definition graphics, relaxing audio, and easy-to-learn controls.

Play Truco Blyts Now

Truco Blyts employs the traditional mechanics of the iconic Argentinian card game. The game will take you straight to the main title page as soon as you open the app from your desktop. Games or matches involving a Gallo or three players. Only in this situation is there an odd quantity of players. The Gallo, one of the participants, competes with the other two.

The Gallo has the advantage of drawing four cards, selecting three, and discarding one without revealing their hand to their rivals. There are two methods to play these games: fixed Gallo and Gallo per turn. In the first scenario, the same player always competes opposite the opposing two, who combine their points. The second scenario with Gallo, goes who will serve as the dealer, will alternate between the three players.

Games with four players are the most prevalent. A team made up of two players will compete with the other team. In games for six players, all players need to get around the table in two teams of three, switching places every so often. This card game can cater to up to eight players. Just remember, if you are new to the game, then you should pay attention to each of the tutorials provided in the game.

Unlock The Following Truco Blyts features:

  • Seamless online multiplayer tournaments
  • Over a hundred virtual players for you to challenge
  • Chat feature
  • All-day tournaments

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