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Call Me Emperor – Live in an Ancient Palace like a Real Dragon Emperor

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Call Me Emperor-Collab!

Developer: Clicktouch Co., Ltd.

Category: Simulation


The role-playing game Call Me Emperor allows you to enter another kingdom and determine if you have just what it takes to serve as its ruler. In this journey, you now have the throne after the previous emperor was relinquished. This left you with all the responsibility to rule over the entire realm. Your choices will affect the destiny of the populace, so be sure to put together a solid strategy to steer your nation forward toward a bright future.

Explore the Epic Call Me Emperor & Dunhuang Museum Collaboration

Call Me Emperor transports players to the hereditary monarchical regimes of ancient China. Players must become the most influential and admired ruler of the era. Like a real dragon emperor, players will face multiple tasks every day. One of the most intriguing is collecting women across their kingdom. These women will become the player’s romantic harem. They are expected to bear the next generation of emperors. In addition to expanding the empire and gaining power, players must fight wars to gain notoriety.

Because these conflicts get harder as time goes on, players must constantly train their generals. They must also find new warriors to increase their force. Players must see through the expansion of their kingdom. Doing this will unlock new territories, sites, buildings, contraptions, and additional engaging activities. The best part is that this game offers simple controls that only require clicking to use. Players can simply click to interact with characters and objects. The administration’s leaders chosen by the player will decide the future of your kingdom. Their plans and decisions will influence how the citizens of their nation will act.

Resolve Power Struggles Like a Real Dragon Emperor

The two-dimensional aesthetics of Call Me Emperor will immerse you in its complex narrative. Your goal as emperor after being crowned is to make every aspect of your administration better. You will hear from residents and counselors about the various issues. One of your main activities is to tackle and resolve all issues every day.

As the monarch of your country, you cycle through a range of tasks that you must complete advancing in the game. It is easy to lose sight of a number of these activities. The reason is that there are so many things that you need to take care of and new things open up as you go forward. You can find the tasks you need to do in the bottom left portion of the screen. If you complete them precisely as specified, you will earn resources that will help your kingdom grow and flourish more quickly.

Even better is that you can go outside and watch the warriors’ prowess in thrilling automated combat to see how strong they are. All things considered, Call Me Emperor is a fun game that allows you to test your leadership skills. Now is your chance to display your skills to prove that you are worthy of the throne.

Explore these Awesome Call Me Emperor Features

  • Immerse yourself in a realistic empire-building gameplay
  • Live the life of the dragon emperor complete with a romantic harem
  • Experience the Legacy of the Dunhuang Museum collaboration
  • Recruit wise and powerful ministers to keep your empire in order
  • Live in an ancient palace and make decisions just like a real emperor

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