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Dentures and Demons - Are the Murders Real or Just Hallucinations?

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Dentures And Demons On Pc

Dentures and Demons

Developer: Sui Arts

Category: Adventure


What would you do if, one day, weird things started happening in your town? Regardless of what new villagers say, you and those who grew up here know something unusual is happening. Are you ready to face the challenges that are bound to take place? Get ready to set out on an adventure of a lifetime in Dentures and Demons!

Sharpen Your Wits & Reflexes in Dentures and Demons

Dentures and Demons is the first installment of the action game saga created by Sui Arts. This adventure game features pixel art-style graphics. Along with an engaging plot, Dentures and Demons contain black humor, sarcasm, and annoying twists that aren’t for the faint of heart. So if you easily get offended, be warned!

Starting off, you and your childhood friends began noticing suspicious things happening in your town of Varedze. While you and a few others realized these strange occurrences early on, other kids are about to find out the hard way. So one fateful day, while snooping around an abandoned mansion, these kids end up as victims of a nightmarish adventure.

Enjoy the Dark Humor of Dentures and Demons

Follow Detective Junior Peexelated in a crescendo of action and mystery as he investigates a dangerous sect in town. This game invites you into an adventure action game with 2D pixel art style graphics and a cool nostalgic vibe. Bringing back the essence of classic action games, Dentures and Demons presents a full experience of terror, sarcasm, ghosts, black humor, and mystery that may not be suitable for young audiences.

To play Dentures and Demons, your objective is to help four friends escape the mansion alive. Therefore, you must use your wits to solve challenging puzzles, explore spooky locations full of deadly traps, and run away from wicked assassins. Moreover, navigate Detective Peexelated with the arrow keys and make him interact with in-game characters. As you progress in Dentures and Demons, you need to solve increasingly complex problems to get clues and puzzle items.

Dare to explore the spookiness that suddenly enveloped your town. Can you stop the peculiar occurrences in the city? Or will you become another victim just like your other friends? You will soon find out as you play the Dentures and Demons game on your PC.

Old-School Haunted Action Game Features

  • Stunning 2D pixel art style graphics with a nostalgic vibe
  • Intuitive game controls and easy-to-the-eyes user interface
  • Dark humor storyline with different eerie plot twists
  • Explore several scenarios and meet new characters
  • Play 4 arcade mini-games
  • Watch a short Dentures and Demons PC director’s cut

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