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Reventure Free

Developer: Pixelatto

Category: Adventure


Do you find yourself lucky enough to come up with effective choices? Well, let’s test your luck by playing Reventure Free PC. Like the typical adventure game, your role is to become a brave knight in shining armor of a princess who was kidnapped by the Dark Lord. But, your quest doesn’t stop there. Here, you’ll need to do different crazy things to find unique endings.

Published by Pixellato, this adventure game is contingent on your choices, and your choices will significantly affect your gameplay. Therefore, if you wish to achieve a good ending, you better unfold excellent decisions or find a real path, if there are any.

Reventure Free – Your Adventure in Finding the Right Ending

As you begin playing Reventure Free, you’ll surely get captivated by the 2D side-scrolling set-up, but somehow overwhelmed with its very complex gameplay. Here, you’ll take the role of the adventurer who the king summoned. As mentioned above, you need to save the princess and embark on a quest to find 100 endings. Moreover, this adventure game somehow depicts a puzzle game where you need to choose a perfect ending in each adventure. Usually, the first adventures are achievable in simple actions such as dying to this thing, killing this character, and more.

As you take on more adventures, you’ll get to more complicated endings that require you to take multiple steps. To get more effective endings, it’s best to activate your best analytical thinking or try to find if there’s an alternative route.

An Exciting Adventure to Undertake

As you progress in your adventure, you’ll be able to unlock various stuff such as hints, visual effects, costumes, playable characters, and more. In playing this game, it’s best to opt for the bazillion secrets ready to be unveiled. Here, you will experience an extraordinary adventure where you are required to battle royale fights, mine, gather resources, build a base, travel time, shotguns, and top the leaderboards while farming. That’s why you need to invest long patience and logical thinking as you’ll need to take tons of time and piles of money to finish your quests.

Remember that whenever an adventure calls you, your character will wake up, and from there, you’ll meet your mentor and gear yourself up. There’s a corresponding consequence in each quest, and it depends on your decisions. But, don’t worry, there’s room for correction to undo your wrong choices.

Exhilarating Game Features Worth Exploring

  • Works in a 2D side-scrolling gameplay setting
  • Embark your quests in finding 100 endings
  • Unveil a bazillion of secrets
  • Unlock more exciting playable characters, costumes, hints, and more
  • Test your patience and logical thinking

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