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Metal Madness On Pc


Developer: GDCompany

Category: Action


Furious automobile Metal Madness PvP is a brand-new shooter of 2022, jam-packed with royal battles, brawling, and sniping! Face off against snipers and fighters from all over the world. Explore weird post-apocalyptic tours over bullet-ridden venues. Load the weapons and engage in a crazy crossfire brawl like a special operations team! This game will surely bring crazy combats because of its improvised sniper weapons, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, bombs, and thrusters!

Bring on the Wild Automobiles!

Metal Madness is a freemium PVP with a large selection of military weaponry. This includes shotguns, machineguns, railguns, plasma guns, flamethrowers, and more. The steel knights’ and fighters’ battlefield is complete with mayhem right now with amazing firepower. You can explore and discover 16 different war vehicles in the garage as you play. Equip savage mech monsters, sports vehicles, muscle automobiles, ice cream trucks, time devices, and more. Use weapons to make it more lethal and raging with rage! In this huge shooter, you can smash, shoot, and cross foes out for glory.

Guns, mechs, collisions, explosions, and a hail of bullets in the air! Join forces with other players, seize resources, and cross out foes on twisted battlefields as you battle in this PVP game. Shooter game optimization is excellent! Even more with rudimentary instruments and epic explosions. That’s how hot this multiplayer war game is.

Play Metal Madness on PC

Metal Madness begins with a tutorial about the game’s mechanics and main elements. Killer impulse fuels the crossfire fight in cyberspace as tanks are military technology used to destroy steel knights. To survive in battle, you need to increase your armor and damage. You must go into furious action right away and enjoy the game by jumping, drifting, performing bizarre feats, and eliminating foes.

You can also shoot at fierce conflicts and brawls in a war game. Are you prepared to engage in an epic conflict with your foes? Massive steel knights, such as powerful tanks and agile fighters, join the deathmatch simulator. Arm your mech monster with weapons, aim and shoot, snipe, and blow up the opposing team in a hail of gunfire. There are more game modes than team death matches and frag counters; some modes need strategy and actual talent.

As you engage in the battle, furious gunplay, fire, gasoline, and bullets will flood the air. The car squad is also prepared to engage in extraordinary operations. Experience sniper and shooter heroes and become one of the best combatants in roller derby by eliminating steel knights from leaderboards. Experience a deadly third-person gunfire standoff! Real action awaits, so smash your competitors in style.

Join the crossfire in the cyberpunk metropolis and engage in a deathmatch in the desert. You may also transform your adversaries into twisted metal in the industrial area or initiate a sniper shootout on the roof. You should not also miss the fights against lots of combatants in the cyberpunk universe. Always pick the right one, pack it with powerful weaponry, and use insane weapons to kill your enemies. Lastly, become a vehicle warlord and defeat your opponents in this epic online simulator.

Experience the Following Game Features:

  • Real-time online PVP battles
  • A massive collection of vehicles to choose from
  • Various game modes to discover
  • Multiple arenas to explore
  • A massive arsenal of weapons

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