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Summon Dragons & Rule Tamaris in Call of Dragons

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Call Of Dragons On Pc

Call of Dragons

Developer: FARLIGHT

Category: Strategy


Experience a fantastic world filled with dragons and other magical creatures with Call of Dragons, the latest MMO fantasy game from FARLIGHT GAMES, the creators of Rise of Kingdoms. In this strategic combat experience, players will journey through the mystical Firefly Tree, the daunting Frozen Spires, and other fantastic wonders, exploring and building their cities, gathering resources, and fighting against the darkness that threatens the land of Tamaris.

A Fantasy MMO with Epic Dragon Battles

Choose your faction from humans, elves, and orcs, each with their unique abilities and aesthetics, and recruit elven maidens, powerful frost mages, mighty orcs, and countless other magical heroes to join your forces. The game’s hero skills allow players to assign and train their heroes to use powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle at a critical moment.

One of the game’s highlights is the all-new Behemoth Combat System, which allows players to fight alongside their allies to defeat powerful Behemoths and then summon them in PvP battles as a secret weapon. You can capture and train terrifying creatures such as thunder rocs, hydras, and dragons to be at your disposal during your crucial moments and obliterate your opponents.

The game’s 3D terrain lets players create their strategy and command flying legions to traverse mountains and rivers, making the terrain in the 3D battles essential for troop movement and battle outcomes. Call of Dragons offers a vast Fantasy World like nothing you’ve ever seen before, where players can form alliances with other players and develop their cities to conquer this world.

Build Your Kingdom and Lead Your Forces to Victory in Call of Dragons

An essential aspect of achieving victory in Call of Dragons is constructing a powerful kingdom. You’ll need to upgrade your buildings, train your troops, gather resources, and expand your territory. With a solid foundation in place, you can then focus on recruiting powerful heroes and fantastic creatures like elven maidens, mighty orcs, and frost mages to lead your forces to victory. However, your adversaries will pose a challenge.

That’s where the game’s unique Behemoth Combat System comes in. Defeat powerful Behemoths and use them in PvP battles to gain the upper hand. Use the game’s 3D terrain and flying legions to create your strategy and outmaneuver your opponents. With the right combat skills and a little bit of luck, you can achieve battlefield mastery and seize the opportune moment to turn the tide of war and emerge as the ultimate commander!

Download Call of Dragons now and embark on an epic adventure filled with magic, dragons, and fantastic creatures. Seize the chance to demonstrate your capability as a competent leader.

The Awesome Features of Call of Dragons

  • Embark on an immersive MMO fantasy conquest
  • Defeat the powerful Behemoth with the unique Behemoth Combat System
  • Strategize and battle on 3D terrain and with flying legions
  • Explore and conquer a vast fantasy world
  • Enjoy the convenience of free healing for your units
  • Summon countless fantastic creatures to fight alongside you
  • Unleash powerful hero skills and turn the tide of battle in your favor

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