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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Developer: Epic Action LLC

Category: Strategy


The much-beloved Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire PC has a lot of things to unpack especially if you are a beginner. If you are already a pro with earlier installments, then it should not be hard for you to understand that everything begins in a story. Understanding how the story starts will make you feel what is at stake. You are not just in for a surprise, you are in for a magical adventure.

The story starts with Noctis who is also the only playable character in the franchise. Noctis and his friends’ journey to the realm of Eos. This world as they know is now dominated by the powerful Niflheim who seeks to control the magical Crystal to completely rule the world. On the other hand, the Lucian royal family of whom Noctis is a descendant and the one and only heir protects the magical crystal from falling into the wrong hands. Noctis is joined by his loyal friends who also, to a fault, wield their own magic and dimensional skills.

On the night of peace negotiations between Niflheim and the kingdom of Lucian royal family, Niflheim being the traitor that they are attacked the kingdom to a surprise and steals the crystal. Now, more than ever, Noctis is needed to go on a quest to become the last hope of the entire realm of Eos before the Crystal is used to doom the world.

As you have Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire download on your PC, it is now up to you to guide Noctis to fulfill his destiny and save the world. Your legend starts today.

Build A New Empire In A Of Time Of War

Many people will say that Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire game is an awesome MMORPG. However, if you are a player, this sounds more like a far view of the game. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire PC is more of a mobile base-building game. Yes, you need to build your base and defend it against the villainous Niflheim.

Enough to say, you will be building your kingdom from the ground up. You can build a command center, farming lands, and barracks for your troops. Afterward, you will need to upgrade these little kiosks that comprise your kingdom.

Go On Quests To Get Awesome Rewards

Many would say that the quest of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire play isn’t that hard. Contrary to its previous installments, the quests do not follow heavy storylines. The simplicity comes with just simply clicking the type of quest you and you get a time meter to fill. Once the time meter is fulfilled, you can enjoy the generous rewards that the quest has to offer.

Talking about the multiple quests, there are a total of four quests in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire PC. The Empire Quest takes an emphasis on you building the empire of your dreams. You will be rewarded for every structure you complete. On the other hand, there are also some research skills required in this particular quest. Similarly, you will also get a reward for every research skill added. This is also the only quest that doesn’t have a timer.

Moreover, the Hero Quest will focus more on your hero. Noctis will be rewarded hero EXPs and even empire resources for every quest completed. This will allow you to improve Noctis’ firepower and unleash a powerful combo. Additionally, this will also get your kingdom to fast-track the building process. On the other hand, other quests include the Guild Quest and VIP Quest respectively. The Guild Quest will reward you with loyalty points while VIP quests reward you with both loyalty points and EXPs. VIP Quests are only accessible to those who can activate their VIP status!

Upgrade Iconic Final Fantasy Heroes

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire never shies away from the ability to upgrade its heroes. If you do not like taking shortcuts, then this game is for you. Every hero has a standalone map of skills. These skills can be accessed through several AP (ability power). You gain AP by completing or surpassing a level. These APs you acquire will deplete as you progress into the game, and take on more challenging quests. Thus, you will need to have massive EXPs which could also be accessed through quests. Once you have the right amount of AP and EXPthen you can unlock the skill for your hero.

Final Fantasy XV Game Features

  • New and Exciting Storylines to follow
  • Awesome base-building mode
  • Multiple quests that give generous rewards
  • Ability to upgrade heroes
  • New monsters hunt for EXP

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